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  1. Egad, man! To think that you even went to find that out. Perhaps I should send you a brochure Yes, but then I have the rest of the week off. Last year, I taught middle school during the week and did that job during the weekends. That was brutal, and I really had to watch my language come Monday morning. Pretty much. It's not so much that consequences define addiction, but the inablity to stop or change in the face of mounting consequences, as you so aptly phrased it, is a huge indicator that someone needs help.
  2. I mean addicts as people usually mean addicts: alcholics, junkies, crackheads, gambling addicts, sex addicts, eating disordered folk, and, as is more common at our facility, combos of the above. When I said, sexual addicts, I meant that literally. People with compulsions that pretty much get in the way of normal interaction, be it with prostitutes (sometimes many times a day), internet porn til raw, or breaking into the neighbors' houses to steal panties, and even weirder stuff. I'm not talking about those that are just into S&M or fetish whatnots, though many of our patients are, but when it reaches a point they can't hold jobs or their families hate them or the law becomes involved, just like any other addict, they show up at our door, if they still have lots of money. Sad, but true. We treat the wealthy. PFKMan23: Yes, I still work only weekends (32-hrs) and sometimes pick up a day or two here or there if I want to fund a new toy.
  3. I'm a supervisor at a long-term addictions treatment center. Re sexual deviants, we've got the full-range from vanilla to way out there. Just had to transfer a guy from Chicago as we felt he needed a "more structured" type of care. He was compulsively (as in all day) into...well...feces, and he's not been the weirdest, but we'll leave that alone. I've worked there eight years. I went back to school to pick up my grad degree and was a fairly happy middle school teacher until I realized I couldn't afford it. I make twice as much just working weekends here. So it's me and the deviants, along with the garden variety drunks, crackheads, and junkies. Most of the time, I like it.
  4. I don't find that one creepy at all, and at the end of the day, none of them really bother me. Why let an avatar bother me?....though somebody, jwildermood or something like that, once had one of a shirtless guy, assumedly him, with two obviously shirtless middle-aged and not attractive women cozied up next to him. I half thought it was funny that he was a big enough ass to put that out there, and half repulsed. That may have been the only avatar that bugged me, but made me laugh at the same time. A kazillion years ago I worked at place where lots of people like that used to hang out (literally speaking) quite freely. Not pleasant.
  5. I'd never even heard of furries until that thread. Another image I don't want to have and hold. Who invented these people? Seriously.
  6. Uh... I pretty much agree with this though I try real hard not to take it that far in my mind. I professionally have to deal with sex deviants and addicts, and though nothing surprises me anymore (anime is mild, even the anime porn), that still doesn't mean I like having that image in my brain.
  7. Hyper-sexualized cartoons and gut reaction, nothing more or less. It's an eeewwww immediate response, and is the same for any male hyper-sexualized cartoons as well, and perhaps moreso. I don't have the same reaction to sexualized pics of real men or women, as long as they're...well, attractive. It's the cartoon thing. On a walking about my day level, I could care less what anybody likes to use for their avatar or watch as cartoons, sexualized or not, but it's creepy to me when I see it, and I think many women might agree, but I've not exactly asked. Now I'm curious if I'm the only one, so I'll ask some girlfriends and get back to you on that one. I'd far prefer to see pictures of real women or men than cartoon ideals.
  8. After discovering that there was such a thing as headphone forums, the next most surprising thing was the half-naked women avatars, beat out only by the creepier anime avatars. I may have geek-centric tastes, but as a woman, that totally threw me. I was thinking, why are they putting this out there? To say they like breasts? Doesn't everybody? To show that if they like nice butts in bikinis they may get some? Sorta a sympathetic magic type thing? I actually came to the conclusion that those who chose those avatars simply had no imagination and found it was easier to post pictures of half-naked sexy women than to come up with a more unique avatar. The other guys would like seeing it, and they might look cool for having it. I dunno, but sad to say, I actually thought about it. The anime thing still creeps me out, headphones on 'em or not. When I was in highschool and college, my friends and I would make fun of guys who had posters of women in their rooms. They were definitely never going to see the real thing as long as those were anywhere near them. Strangely, most women I know have no or little objection to mags or porn, just the posters looming around large. It's like an announcement that you don't want a real woman ever, or at least not for a very long time.
  9. So, I admit I'm far from technologically savvy, but I can often read fairly well. I went to post a reply in the Neked Women Avatar thread and I see no reply button, no quote button...nothing. Do y'all not want my profound and erudite female perspective? Okay, even if not, why no buttons?
  10. The guy who bought this just pm'ed me to tell me, so I know that it's been sold.
  11. I have an Exemplar modded 2900 and it's a great redbook source, one of the best I've heard in the under $5000 range. I've heard better SACD, but it comes close. I also know jp11801's Denon, this specific one for sale, and can attest that's in excellent condition. I think it's a steal for what he's asking. The mods alone run about $3500.
  12. They are AKG part # 2955Z2601 and can be bought for around $13 each (don't remember exactly). Frank Rodriguez Sales/Parts Administrator Harman Pro North America 8500 Balboa Blvd Northridge, CA 91329 Ph: 818-920-3279 Fax: 818-920.3208 I left a couple phone messages and got not response. I finally faxed a request, and he called me right back. I had the pads about two weeks later. I don't know if anyone has an email address. I never did.
  13. I have velour pads on my modded pair. They are much more comfy and offer a better seal, but these things leak more than any closed headphone I know.
  14. Saw Stanley Clarke, Dr. John, Tinsley Ellis (sucked), and Eric Culberson within a two week period about a month ago. I'm in withdrawal, but nothing around I'm interested in right now. I miss living in NYC.
  15. I've had the Etys (ER4P/S) for a couple years now, before I even knew headphones could be a hobby, and I had the whole new line of Shures in my home for three weeks a couple months back. I thought the SE210s and SE310s had serious tone problems (does a flute really sound like a guitar ) and should be trashed. The SE420s and 530s were worth listening to, and I found myself checking out the SE530s almost daily, toying with the idea of wanting to buy something new. I put my Etys aside through most of this period and used both a Larocco PRII and and a Hornet with an imod (lossless). At first, I found myself seduced by a sense of fullness the SE530s give that the ER-4P/S do not. There is a treble roll-off, as others have mentioned, but that doesn't bother me as I'm stupidly sensitive to highs, and had even been talking with a local DIYer about making a filter I can use with full-sized headphones. I enjoyed them, enjoyed just listening to music, sang loudly and horribly along with everything, and could keep them in for a couple hours without even noticing them in my ears. Fast foward a couple weeks, and back to the Etys. It took me about five minutes to re-adjust. My first thought was that they felt empty, not thin per say, but missing something...and then the music took over...ah...this is how it's supposed to sound! I started shuffling back and forth between songs and genres, and everything sounded fresh, clear, and right. I went back to the 530s and everything sound okay and I liked it, but the that little rush you get when something just hits you as sooooo good wasn't there. The 530s offer a couple nice things (fuller sound, a bit better bottom end, soundstage/headstage/brainstage/whatever, and zero problems for me with the highs) that the Etys do not, but the Etys win for clarity, detail, and timbre, which, at the end of the day, is more important to me. I agree with some who say the Ety's are bright, but only in comparison to much warmer headphones/earphones. They don't strike me as overly bright at all, and just to bright side of neutral. The Shures are much more colored, imo, dark and full, but I enjoyed for that while I had them. I totally get why people like the 500s/530s--they're good and fun, but they won't be replacing my ER 4P/Ss. Oh...I did learn that I like the Shure foamies with my Etys (previously only the flanges offered a decent seal without pain), as they help tame the slight problem I had with the Ety's treble extension and are more comfy that the flanges. Win-win for me.
  16. Well, Larry actually told me that he thought it was a nice "girl touch" he added for me with the litte dot. I like it.
  17. I've been really curious about them. I had the 2500s for a couple months around the beginning of the year, but sold them due to problems I continued to have with the high-mids and treble. I also felt that they didn't represent instruments that I know well, such as flute, saxophone, and violin, accurately. I don't care how much burn-in the drivers take, those instruments just don't sound that way in life, like a metallic sheen was on them and a feeling as if the notes were about to go sharp when, of course, they weren't. Just tonight on head-fi, I was told again it must be my system and my sucky CDs, but I'm not that deaf since I tried them out with a few combos of sources, amps, CDs, etc. <Hey, do you guys over here still blame the CDs for a headphone's consistent sound signature?> Granted, I am overly sensitive to highs, but that still doesn't account for everything. I did like them well enough to hope the Edition 9s had that corrected. I'm still looking for a good pair of closed headphones I'd be willing to take out of the house (work, etc) if I choose. I was hoping these might be it. From the posts here, it looks like the problems I was having with the Prolines may be the same. I'm still hoping to hear some soon.
  18. Thanks for the welcome, guys. I've known about this site for awhile, so it was only a matter of time.
  19. I think my K340s are very pretty. Notice the little dot in mother of pearl.
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