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  1. Rappin Granny, Ellen Albertini Dow, who rapped her way into our hearts in the 1998 movie The Wedding Singer, has died. She was 101.
  2. Love this thread. It is my #1 go to thread each visit.
  3. At Russian River brewing co sippin a Pliny
  4. Skipped file vault and any iCloud junk and my Yosemite upgrade worked fine. Itunes update sucks tho, Why can't they just leave it alone?
  5. Joan Rivers died at 81 today R.I.P.
  6. Tommy Ramone, Last Surviving Original Member of Influential Punk Band, Dies at 65 I want to be sedated. RIP Tommy
  7. My MBP is constantly checking for other wifi networks here at home. Is this normal? I have been experiencing slow loading. My PC and iPads are super fast but the MBP is slower and this is a recent development. Any ideas. I am on Mavericks OS.
  8. Bigguy


    ^^^ is that full version or upgrade?
  9. Found out my cardiologist wont take my new affordable heath insurance and others I called wont either. Thanks Obama! At least my PCP and hospital will. I'm still paying off an $8000 two hour ER visit too.
  10. http://www.mandatory.com/2012/11/08/try-not-to-laugh-when-looking-at-these-funny-town-names/
  11. You are the bestial friend cuz you don't horse around.
  12. One of my brothers in-law passed away today. He loved his family, fishing and telling jokes. He will surely be missed. He was one that would call me regularly to see how I was. Now who will do that? R.I.P. Bruce.
  13. Peaches Geldof dead at 25. Daughter of Bob Geldof leaves behind a husband and 2 children.
  14. Also comedian John Pinette at age 50
  15. Jim Lange, 1st host of Dating Game dies at Mill Valley home at 81 from heart failure. Lange hosted show for a decade.
  16. Harold Ramis of Ghostbuster, and many more, fame dead at 69
  17. You must keep the string taught as it enters the tin can to have the best fidelity. The animated gifs sometimes slow my iPad down or loading all the photos per page. Not a problem on my MBP.
  18. I found out about this place at the San Jose Dead-Fi meet a few years ago. I met a few of you there. Some of you tried to warn me about his place but were unsuccessful. The rogue nature of some individuals drew me here like a moth to a blow torch. Never went back to that other place.
  19. Bob Casale of Devo dead of sudden heart attack. RIP
  20. We met John Dobson while camping at Crater Lake. I have a Dobson mounted telescope too. He had an interesting life. Also, Russell Johnson, the Professor from Gilligan's island died Thursday. Also, Roger Lloyd Pack, a UK actor was in Doctor Who, Only Fools and Horses and Vicar of Dibley. Not a good day so far.
  21. Phil Everly, half of one of the most popular and influential music duos of the 1950s and '60s, the Everly Brothers, died Friday at age 74, the Los Angeles Times reported.
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