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  1. I call my network printer Bob Marley cuz it always be jammin.
  2. Tyll is on http://live.twit.tv/ right this minute talking headphones.
  3. http://vimeo.com/61886386
  4. My first week back to work after 5 months of unemployment.
  5. Bigguy

    RIP Alvin Lee

    R.I.P. Alvin. I guess he is going home.
  6. ^^^ would have been better if Samuel L. Jackson had done the narration about these mother f#@%'in chameleons. Plane or no plane.
  7. ^^^^ the very last pair...I still can't see the difference!
  8. Bigguy


    Woot Off, For all you snowed in peeps, they currently have a snow blower for $129. Gotta act fast tho.
  9. Will they like new pope or will they prefer classic pope? I prefer diet pope.
  10. ^^^ don't forget to throw some potatoes, onions and carrots into that soup.
  11. The snow is a cover for an Empire assault!
  12. Justin, will that be big enough to hold all chinese child laborers you will need to build all those amps?
  13. Anybody tried this? http://www.funraniumlabs.com/how-to-consume/
  14. Worked with a guy named Hai Dong, they preferred to call him Mr. Hai rather than....
  15. These kinds of devices similar to iPads are targeting people who only web surf and not people who create things which require storage space.
  16. We are overwhelmed with all your comments. Thank you all very much! I didn't mean to hijack this thread but the loving responses are appreciated. We hope to see many of you soon. I love this place.
  17. Celebrated 39 years of marriage with my wife.
  18. I have almost hit a deer with the minivan several times.
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