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  1. Riotvan

    Oppo PM3

    Right, i like less boomy. I'll look into an audition of the 1540..
  2. LMS with squeezelite? You can pick your distro with that. You can also install vortexbox which will have it all configured for you.
  3. Riotvan

    Oppo PM3

    Torn between these and the Shure 1540's, need me some closed goodness that is more comfortable than the DT-150. So far i don't really like pad situation, i'm guessing they won't sell spares since they're a bitch to swap. And i can see them going to shit in 2 years if not sooner with frequent use. But the 1540 has some quirks as well it seems.
  4. Aha so mine is like 240 ohms since i also run balanced? Going a bit above my paygrade here haha, but maybe ill go play with it when i have some spare time. But i agree 0 ohms is wrong to my ears as well. Doug is that one of your new designs? If it has an option for a remote count me interested, yeah i'm a lazy fuck when i sit down for a listen
  5. Well if you want something simple and fast i would definately give Elementary os a try, it has an Ubuntu base without all the bloat. It's based on 12.04 so it will be supported till 2017 and a new version based on 14.04 is already in beta. It even has a dock like osx so the transition will also be very easy i think. I have allot of friends and relatives running this and i NEVER get support calls, and yes they haven't switched to something else yet haha Check it out: http://www.elementaryos.org
  6. Haha nah you're not weird, i do the same. I also used that guide to find my ears resonance frequency and i further reduced the 6k ish peak and added a little boost to the low end Just curious how high is the output impedance on your setup?
  7. I know this has been discussed before but i'm wondering how many of you are still running these on a higher output impedance. I mean there's this lower treble grittiness that completely goes away when i run these on a 120 Ohm output. Gives it the same liquid mids as with the Crack. Maybe i can eq it out but making an adapter was faster
  8. Yeah i meant equalizer apo for windows or that Behringer Deq2496 to do it completely digital. Both work great in my experience
  9. Just get a good equalizer if you want to have a cost effective way to change the flavor.
  10. Glad i got my hands on a Panny GT60 last year, looks like 4k oled at a decent price with proven reliabilty is still several years away. Also seems it's very tricky to get plasma at 4k for home use: http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/4k-plasma-201311133417.htm
  11. Great show, seems they know what they're doing over at Netflix.
  12. Look at software develpment, most of it has the user beta testing. Within some years i bet allot of people will have 3d printers in one form or another. And you can either make your own updated parts for free or more likely you pay to download the schematic so you can stay current. Subscription headphones anyone?
  13. Let's hope they can add it with a firmware update.... The support for their bluray players is top notch, these are the same guys right? I seem to recall there was a division in china doing phones and then one in the US that does bluray players and whatnot.
  14. If this came with a parametric eq i would sell all my shit for it. Something to be said for simplyfying... and my rack is too stuffed as it is.
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