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  1. it's ayt999... please get my initials right? everyone's invited to my apartment for a listen. I'm leaving on Monday though.
  2. okay.... so I suppose some people aren't having fun with me and are getting annoyed for some reason (although I have to say I haven't said anything about this thread being fun yet and I hope people aren't mixing in other ideas with my intentions and the thread I started), but whatever. didn't realize head-case was so serious nowadays. can't start a thread to goof around a bit, which I have to say was a nice change after almost a week of constant studies including two papers and three finals on top of regular classes and assignments. as for being so joyful about receiving an amp, I can't say I agree too much with that. there is a limit on how long I'll wait (although the build is very nice and I did not mind the wait as long as the final product was built to justin's high standards and the time was used wisely to do so, and with the other amps I have to use), and if we were discussing this a year ago this time, which would have been just a bit longer than three months of wait, I might have a different take on it, but now I'm just relieved that the thing is here and I don't have to wonder what happened to it. given that I was waiting on an SDS-XLR from Sept. of 2004 to May 2005, which was a long time in of itself, and this Aristaeus took much longer than that with an order date of Sept. 2005 to receiving it yesterday, the massive compounding of wait times on items I was originally given November ship dates of the year I placed the order is really putting a damper on things. if you haven't noticed, I haven't been posting much as before, which is very much so related to this. if anyone's looking for in depth impressions I doubt that will happen (especially not anytime soon since I am heading home for the holidays in a few days and don't think I am taking the amp with me), and I hope that isn't a suprise to anyone given my large withdrawal of general posting, nevermind reviews of any sorts, in the past year or so. if you really think this thread is annoying, then don't open it. I am not obligated to cater to the crowd, and I hope I have the option here on head-case to post whatever I want (within reason of course), but whatever. I was thinking of taking some nice pictures and posting them, but don't think I want to spend the effort if everyone wants to critique it similar to this thread (especially when similar threads are so plentiful but when I start one uncharacteristically I get tons of rude, IMO, posts) after it being up for much less than a day. if you are looking for me, I'll be listening to some music.
  3. hmmm... we may be onto something here. good sleuthing work. maybe it does interface with a cord whose duty it is to carry power. but not sure if I want a power supply cord that doesn't lock onto the chassis?
  4. even if I don't have any STAX cans at the moment, I love my OEM STAX connector. much better than those Allied ones. who said anything about HE90 jacks? do you see any?
  5. yup, and that's why this thread is in the amp forum.
  6. see? everyone but you is seeing the photo fine. well, maybe I didn't "post" a picture... but it's practically the same.
  7. silly reks, do you need to get your prescription changed? I already posted a nice, more complete picture of it.
  8. did you accept it? I think you'll do great there.
  9. I wish I had an SR-Omega... or not. not that into expensive unservicable headphones. don't have any STAX headphones at the moment actually.
  10. what's this custom fit fleece bag you talk about? all I have are two blanket things... well, maybe more a scarf, but it's about twice the width of my other scarves. a shawl perhaps?
  11. yup, a nice OEM stax jack... but what's it connected to?
  12. where did you get that? I want my missing 0.5 pounds now!!
  13. you are responding to my single confused smiley with three of them? ??? ??? ??? ???
  14. well, right... that kinda kills the new amp thing.
  15. I have a new amp? I don't recall buying any amps in the past year and a half or so. at least try to say something that makes a bit more sense.
  16. so where's the pipe bowl and the hollow stem? this is a tomahawk right?
  17. I'll think I'll stick with my MDR-D77.
  18. no problem Nate. although fashioning a DIY mold yourself that functions, looks, and performs well is much more fun (for us anyways).
  19. maybe making a new cable for them would solve the problem? sort of like what Xin did with his pair.... http://www.fixup.net/tips/ety/ety.htm
  20. but all the regular reply window provides are buttons to insert tags into the text screen which are already functional in the quick reply... you should know the tags already so why would you need the redundancy?
  21. wow, lucky you. the metal-base 6sn7w and 6sn7a fetch insane prices on ebay... but usually it's in the $300 to $400 range? did a completed listing search for metal-base 6sn7w's and don't see any that actually sold for $450+. there are some that ended without selling, so are you talking about those? anyways, I wish I owned some metal bases like you do, but they are too expensive for me so I load up on the short bottle black bases.
  22. what's the purpose of the meet impressions subforum if you don't use it.
  23. now all you need to do is get some foam and fashion yourself some big doughnuts. looks nice.
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