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  1. Please update my order. 4x GRHVxxx (assembled) 6x GRLV78xx 6x GRLV79xx 2x main board 1x mini t2 board Thanks Sam
  2. Dear Kevin, I find the heater power supply portion to be rather handy. Would you please cut the HV supply portion away so that I can use the heater power supply portion for mini T2 project? Thanks Sam
  3. The amp was getting really hot at 70°C. It was running at 22.5 mA. I have to reduce the bias current. Should I change the 2k ohm resistor or the 500k one? I am a bit confused.
  4. CFA2 (CFP) - current feedback amp I still cannot figure out how to connect them into balanced version of CFA2 (CFP) - current feedback amp as they are single end type of pcb. I know I need four boards, but how do I connect the negative input rail ? Your help is much appreciated.
  5. And how do you do the printing? Sam
  6. This was completed an hour ago. It worked though I did not do any measurement. I tried it with my only planar Hifiman HE6. The volume was a dummy. I used a preamp. I could not afford a decent volume control for individual headamps.
  7. thanks all, I ordered. I know I'll have to handle SMD sooner or later. In the mean time, I am searching on the web regarding how to mount the TPS7A3301 and TPS7A4001 directly on the board. Maybe I could finish it before the modules arrive? Sam
  8. Please help me with the TPS7A3301 modules, I could only find this https://www.ebay.com/itm/TPS7A3301-Ultralow-noise-LDO-regulator-3V-18V-1V-step-1A-LM337-79x-replace/253593923500 It appears that it could only provide -18v, not the -20. Am I missing something? After spending half a day staring at the pcb without any progress. I gave up on soldering the chips to the board by myself.
  9. agree, yes, four sets power supplies, many projects to be completed. I changed the quantity to 2 sets
  10. sorry, a bit too much for me. Maybe I would join in when there is a group buy for a set of transformers sam
  11. I am interested in the chassis set. I would like to have an estimation before I commit.
  12. I used a 9v battery and a multi-meter. connect the 9v battery to the primary temporarily and see the fluctuated secondary output voltage to be positive or negative. then you know which way to go. I have not tried the KG methods but it appears to be very convenient.
  13. arrived today in a huge envelop.
  14. I would like to combined shipping with attenuator boards . I tried the spread sheet. It cannot be changed. I guess it is locked
  15. Does the goldenreference low voltage provide enough juice for Dynahi? Use two for the Dynahi? I plan to make the Dynahi for the use of HiFiman HE-6.
  16. I am trying to make a power supply for my Auralic Aries mini. . The original one is labelled "switching PS 16v 1A" Any idea if the goldenreference can be used for such high current?
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