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  1. Thanks for the post This setup really works well in this very difficult room. Very tall ceilings and tons of reflective surfaces. Making anything sound decent here has always been a crazy challenge.
  2. Its really a polarizing color, isn't it?! First day I saw it, I was like no way. Few hours later, looking at the pictures again, I was beginning to mellow out towards the color and actually starting to think how interesting it is. Then I started feeling it is really cool...I mean...a PURPLE DAMN TURNTABLE. When do you EVER see that on THAT level of table? I will reserve judgement till I get it in my hands. If I don't like it, I have a few guys ready to it on as a project and change it to any color I can dream of. The table comes with two arm pods and two arms that can be used. One mono, one stereo is what I am thinking. The third arm I will load up on my Townshend Rock 7 most likely. Like this:
  3. God backed up Prince who backed up the creation of this table Its all connected to the one source. Black, silver, chrome audio gear was just not getting me on to the holy path. I hear heaven is painted purple as of April 21, 2016.
  4. With all the excitement the previous posted turntable generated, I think another one is in order. I just picked up another new turntable to play with. It should arrive in a week or two: Redpoint Model D, Triplanar VII Tonearm, Ikeda IT-407CR1 12" version, another Helius Silver Ruby, Dynavector XV-1T cartridge, Transfiguration Orpheus L cartridge, HRS M3 Base and a Siltech Lake Compass tonearm cable. And its an interesting color to boot! Right now, I don't care much for the color, but it might grow on me when I get it. If not, I'll take it to a local shop and get it some nice automotive color. Maybe a white or grey or black...might be fun! Mass loaded design (totally different sound compared to suspended tables). About 260 lbs in total here.
  5. I finally acquired the EAR Discmaster turntable which has been a real chase! Just put it together a couple of weeks ago:
  6. Upgraded speakers to the Marten Coltrane Tenors and also picked up a new turntable, the EAR Discmaster. STILL dialing in the setup...been with the speakers for about 2 weeks or so.
  7. If anyone of you SoCal crew want to hear the new Orpheus, come to the January 31st LAOC Audio Society meet at the Source AV. They will be making an appearance there. I'll be there as well. http://www.laocas.com/calendar.html
  8. That DIY work is stunning. Skills like that have my utmost admiration and respect!
  9. Bought these Marten Design Bird 2 back in October 2013. Still melts me every time I sit down to listen: A Newer Picture:
  10. Fairfield Four - I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
  11. Would love to hear your thoughts on those phonostages. Especially the EAR 324
  12. Dearest Head-Casers, Hosting a meet at my place on the 30th of Jan. Would love to have your presence if you are available and/or interested: Orange County Meet: 1/30/2010 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio
  13. Wow... bitter sweet feeling on getting the offer accepted? Been there more than once. Would love to hear what you find out. Which cartridge is your favourite between the Koetsu and Lyra Skala right now? I've heard the Lyra Skala against a Koetsu Rosewood Signature on an EAR Discmaster turntable using Helius Omega arms. Both arms were mounted to the table with the respective cartridges. For me and the owner, it was just no competition...he sold the Lyra Skala to another audio buddy of ours at a huge discount. The Koetsu on that table/arm had more tonality, body and just overall realness of sound. The Skala was leaner, had a tad bit more PRaT but just lost out on all other aspects. The Koetsu was in a different league actually. But would love to hear your experience as things might be completely different on the VPI tables.
  14. Happy B'day Jacob. Wishing you a long life full of health, wealth and wisdom Have a blast!
  15. Is this the right link? BSAPP - Stray Dogs & Cats Rescue Bulgaria - Home
  16. The three above came in. Holy crap....the sound is out of the ball park. Just picked these up and they are on the way as well: Out to Lunch - Eric Dolphy Little Johnny - Johnny Coles True Blue - Tina Brooks Undercurrent - Kenny Drew The Cape Verdean Blues - Horace Silver Now I just need 4 more and I will have the Out of Print ones covered: Horace Parlan - Us Three Hank Mobley - Soul Station Horace Parlan - Speakin' My Piece Art Blakey - Big Beat I'll probably start the subscription sometime next month after the Christmas dust (snow?) has settled.
  17. Update: I have the following on the way. I'm not sure I want to start the subscription till I get up to date on what I've missed: - LD+3 Lou Donaldson - Jackie McLean Bluesnik - Art blakey Night in Tunisia I'll start form there and work through them slowly.
  18. Deepak, you MUST pick up the ORG Impulse releases. So far, they have been nothing but mind blowing and easily worth their salt in ANY jazz collection. Since they are only pressing 1000 of these, it would be worth to get them now before they run out. They always press extra discs to compensate for any returns/damages/exchanges etc. So you can definitely risk it. Never thought I would say that for a Pallas pressing.
  19. These Coltrane ORGs are definitely pressed at Pallas... Wonder whats up with the perfect german pressing plant. They usually are literally PERFECT. I'm going to give Jason or Sam a call tomorrow at Elusivedisc and see to a replacement copy...again! On a lighter note, I spun Ben Webster meets Oscar Peterson and melted away in my chair. 33 1/3 rpm, 180g pressing and nary a tick or a pop. Just perfect blissful music by two masters. A testament that things can be perfect sometimes...
  20. The record is perfectly flat and the pressing doesn't seem to be off centered otherwise my stylus would be moving back and forth while playing. Don't know what the hec is up with this particular record. With most records, I get a little more than 1/8 of an inch easily, so I never really have any problems cueing up. I know what you mean about the vintage Mofi records....but I just cue up carefully even though they seem to give somewhat less groove lead in space.
  21. On the current 45rpm reissue of Coltrane Crescent (ORG Release), the second disc doesn't sit well with my VPI Periphery ring and I'm kinda lost on this. Basically the ring doesn't clamp the disc circumference properly. It flattens down one side, but the disc is short on the opposite end. So the disc ring just sits a little loft sided. Knowing the high quality of the ORG releases, I thought this is just a one disc fault or something. So I sent it back to elusive disc who send me a new replacement copy. SAME PROBLEM! Now I'm a little concerned. All the ORG releases in my collection are pretty much pristine...so I'm a bit bummed. Add to that about a 40 second ticking on the first track on side 4 and I'm a little "ticked". Looks like I'm gonna have to send it back for a 3rd replacement and ask them to test the record before sending it my way. I don't want any ticks and I want the ring to sit properly (which they can test being VPI dealers and all). Just venting out... Audiophile quality records...sheesh! For $60 a pop, they should really get it perfect...they did in the 60s and 70s with the records.
  22. I have 3 and I'm still interested...but just can't swing it right now.
  23. After you've read the Welcome PM..... Having owned both items, I would strongly suggest AGAINST the combo. The Beta22 is probably one of the best solid state amplification devices I've ever heard in my life. It is utter complete transparency. You do NOT want the GS1000 (Don't know if the GS1000i is actually different...I doubt it different enough) to be paired with that. The GS1000 IMHO need something to complement its sound signature and tame it down. I personally felt it needs a tube amp or a warm solid state amp to sound right. It's just too peaky and treble-full for my tastes. Fantastic soundstage though. Anyhow, try before you buy.....that is not a combo I would recommend. EDIT: Look into the triports being offered above You might just strike gold! The Beta22 does tend to bring out the headphones for what they are.
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