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  1. the pin header I use is 127-1-4010-8002-310 made by Nextron. Or you can search "Nextron 2.54mm round pin" on Ebay
  2. But I have different results here do you have other changes on the board like zener diode that KG mentioned ?
  3. Tried GeneSic G2R1000MT17D to power BH with no luck, showing similar behavior johnwmclean mentioned,negative rail will drop significantly and came back to about 395V after some random voltage probing. not sure if raise up the 5pf cap value would help
  4. using 18VAC*2 secondary would be good for +-20VDC outputs
  5. Some similar experiences here,but microchip MSC750SMA170B instead. Was using it on my GRHVs, same issue when PSU was measuring normal under no load (both rail measured around 401V),but dropping to about -180V on B- and B+ also seems a bit off (about 391V) as powering carbon amp which is using now precious C2M100070D. Everything back to normal as I swapped microchip SiCs back to C2Ms... but I would continue trying any alternative option on GRHV.
  6. 47uf tants are fine with 25V, but 10uf ones should go up to 35v or above
  7. nice build ~ BTW , a friend of mine bought your first build,pretty happy about it
  8. nice. 恭喜台灣 DIYer 再+1名
  9. yes I read this before so I thought this board should work, was thinking maybe I need to use other smd resistors which has higher wattage rating?
  10. digging up this thread ... has anyone build smd version of ubal and buffer? I built mine ,when firing it up , leds did lit up and smoked instantly picture as attached .not quiet sure whats going on yet. I use diffinput3smtd and dbuf3 gerber files to make curcuit boards
  11. about 130*65mm max od.for pre-reg cap is 30mm tant and opamp compensate caps are moved to the backside of pcb
  12. I used thruhole ver in previous build and I'm sure I'm gonna use smt version next time........
  13. Looks like some soldering issues to me,especially with tps7a regs
  14. congrats yes cold joint will be affected by temperature and cracks very slowly,that's why it occurred few days after you've done your build
  15. actually I tried 992/1815 from project spare parts .With some simple matching you can still get low offset results sounding is also not bad tho will keep trying other combos
  16. too bad,the county I live (台東) has no THSR . May be you can have a quick meet with joehpj or others
  17. gotta love that silkscreen , nice touch !
  18. Congrates! -- 看起來也是住台灣的Diyer阿ww --
  19. sure,there it is https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9gzuIhmVOLcVmFnWUFXYUQxQ2s It works fine on dynalo,but need to trim down PCB outline a little on current susy dynahi releases due to trimpots are close to THAT340 Socket . and check transistor pinout before soldering
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