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  1. jose

    Get your game on!

    My other "kitten"...
  2. Douglas Self "Audio Power Amplifier Desing" ISBN-10 : 0240526139 It is not complete but it will help you understand some things. Also look for Nelson Pass articles (they are available on the web) and READ all threads where Dr. Gilmore, spritzer, etc ...
  3. Pineapple Thief, Porcupine Tree... they were good discoveries.
  4. Adiós querido Español...
  5. jose

    Get your game on!

    edit; I am taller than Maverick 🙂 edit II; by the way why is he called Maverick? if in those movies they will never shoot one?
  6. jose

    Get your game on!

    Sorry, I was flying at Bingo Fuel, away from the base and we couldn't find a service station 😁.
  7. jose

    Get your game on!

    Tame the cat at night.
  8. jose

    Amplifier porn

    ...it is only to operate the doorbell.
  9. Yeah that's a good point too Michael.
  10. Otherwise, you can always use the body of the XLR-4 as ground pin (as long as the female connector of the amplifier is isolated from the chassis and connected to ground)
  11. I'm listening to this now, very interesting
  12. Yes, I have done the same for all headphones with a "detachable" cable. I think it is more practical to terminate it on a XLR-4 and then use an adapter if necessary to TSR 1/4" . By the way, now in large stores such as "Home Depot" they sell a cable covered with cotton in many different colors for lamps and decoration. This cotton coating can be great if you want to keep the original look of the new cable.
  13. Nice deluxe edition of "the three imaginary boys" I love "The Cure" since I was a teenager. I would say I'm sorry If I thought that it would change your mind But I know that this time I have said too much Been too unkind I tried to laugh about it Cover it all up with lies I tried to laugh about it Hiding the tears in my eyes 'Cause boys don't cry
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