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  1. I have become a subscriber .... although I do not have speakers on the PC
  2. ... My love she's like some raven At my window with a broken wing
  3. Fedex subcontract to other transport companies depending on the country.
  4. Happy Birthday Chris!
  5. I mounted them at the bottom of the board and used the typical Phoenix terminal .... so far I have had no problems. PS: About the Phoenix terminal, I have seen some cheap terminals that come with a bit plastic protection that covers the Pin base. At what each terminal costs, these Phoenix guys could add it.
  6. In this two months of confinement has given me time to rediscover things like this:
  7. I have used a "Prologue", very similar to this for five years. The first week was a pain... but once you get used to it it is the best I have ever had.
  8. I've dusted my SG.... for a moment I've felt like Tommy Iommi.
  9. Jóhann Jóhannsson "Orphée" Beautiful
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