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  1. Today the postman from my area passed. She brought so many packages for me that for a moment I thought she was Santa Claus :-) One of these packages was yours Michael. Thank you
  2. The Creedence have the power to charge my batteries ... and this album much more
  3. About "for what it's worth", I'm listening this Vinyl... with a boy named Neil Young
  4. Fedex takes a week to deliver here (in the ass of the world) and in Spain they use a subcontractor (Correos España) but here is the game; They charge about 30 or 35€ ONLY for customs processing (For filling out an online questionnaire with my data and the sender's data) plus Taxes. Talking about other things, I guess I'm the only one still waiting 😞
  5. If the input signal is balanced or you don't want an extra gain on the input, you don't need ubal/bal boards. What diamond buffers are you going to use?
  6. Most of my team members use Flux and are quite satisfied. I personally still prefer the curler roller, but in view of a new confinement and that the racing season has gone to hell, I have decided to buy a Flux.... Fucking covid
  7. I feel more at ease knowing that shipments to the EU are coming through now. That means that in no time it will reach where I live.... basically at the end of the world. 🙂
  8. My two new toys.... And comparison my new roller vs old 🙂
  9. Unfortunately my package has not arrived yet although I am used to long waits.
  10. Where does he get the signal for the level meter? From the output connector? No a good think...
  11. Felicidades Antonio!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Now that I've finished the home renovations and the work has slowed (I cross my fingers so there is no Covid regrowth), I've been able to make up time to listen to music and dedicate myself to my DIY projects. Today I'm listening Opeth "Blackwater Park"
  13. I bought some 2SJ109BL from a guy named Gary at DIYAudio. Something expensive. Once at home checked and everything was perfect according to the readings he had made and Toshiba's specifications. Luck? Maybe .... but if you don't want to play Russian roulette, better the Linear Sis 2SC174 / 2SJ74.
  14. Al Stewart "The year of the Cat"
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