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  1. Claritas

    Oppo PM3

    But bear in mind that the pads are only 60 mm and that the average guy's ear is nearly 66.
  2. Claritas

    Oppo PM3

    That's the problem. If he were honest, he'd have mentioned it. Most of it's public knowledge by now anyway.
  3. Claritas

    Oppo PM3

    Of course, when they don't lie about it. Your call. Just an academic.
  4. Claritas

    Oppo PM3

    You work for them. Fuck yourself.
  5. Claritas

    Oppo PM3

    Alex Rosson said to expect an in ear planar in two years.
  6. What's with all the shitty remasters? Go get the originals--and some Grados.
  7. Fuck it! I'll tell you what I would have told you on Head-fi: SRH840 and mod the headband with HD650 foam. If you have any sense, you won't search for any alternatives and just do as I say! Now scram before it's beyond too late.
  8. The naked girl on his website with the cable is HOT. More of her, less of him.
  9. Maybe everything affects the sound. But whether it's an audible or significant difference is anyone's guess. I understand the idea of a boutique power cable less than a boutique interconnect or headphone cable. After all, it's not conveying analog. Regardless, just enjoy your birthday and use it in good health. Next time, you can say fulsomely "Oh, thank you! But I already have one."
  10. HE666. Designed by the vampire, Dr. Fang.
  11. Fostex was playing "why settle for less," and I think you're right about Oppo.
  12. Fostex seemed to be pushing buyers to the more expensive model by setting the prices so far apart. Here it's the opposite; maybe because Oppo's new to this.
  13. "You walked out? I didn't walk in."
  14. Thanks for the update. The list is rather better now so I might go.
  15. Some might seem unwelcoming, but then I turn to "RIP some fuck or other" and see that many have real heart.
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