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  1. The Bruins got beat at their own game.
  2. I will name them George and I will hug them ......
  3. Ha, Bin Laden is dead and nothing will kill this buzz.
  4. All that education and that's your best? I have done nothing to merit this but then I don't give a fuck what you think either you arrogant pricks. If you gotta go, go out in style.
  5. The purpose I asked for clarity is that Omahem thought the comments about Jkeny was directed at him. The man is ill and felt his reputation was being degraded by the douche comment. I tried to explain that Jkeny was a member banned at HF and not him but I don't think he is getting it. If the comments weren't about him, an explanation might have cleared it up for him. The reason it has taken this long is that after that meet, he fell ill and fell out of contact until last week. When he explained this thread, he felt bad about coming to the meet. If you know this member, you know the conditions.
  6. Didn't know I had to ask your permission, go back to your pumper, your commentary is useless. By the way, being a smartass has a higher level here. There are pros here so sharpen up.
  7. Why is Jkeny brought up? He wasn't at the meet. Otherwise thanks for the commentary.
  8. If the P sounds better out of the headphone amp I'd be mighty tempted to cut loose the 6. There's something about using a speaker amp that's just wrong.
  9. Lighting for robust plants on the fast track will need a flowering and a leaf and stem structure bulb. If you are just wanting to care for a windowbox garden, don't bother with lighting unless you grow year round. Dirt has its own set of problems but tastes better. Wow, feels like old times .
  10. Hope he liked wings and Mojitos. Warm up the tubes Gary.
  11. Don't have your number anymore.

  12. What are you guys driving these with? I tried them on a few quality headphone amps with good results but not "wow". I then tried them on a SS speaker amp. I got my "wow" results. I am now using a tube amp and believe I've found my sound. Now I want to come down in amp size, expand on 3-D presentation while keeping the tube flavor. I'd like to keep this in a working man's budget if possible but if it takes more, I'm prepared to save. This has been my first foray into headphone orthos but I have been attracted to stats and planar speakers for years. This is a sound I can live with from a head
  13. Get a decent usb>spdif converter and use whatever dac you want. Foobar KS or Wasapi and you're done spinning plastic. If there is a difference, it's not noticed when you can have your music collection at the push of a button. Itunes takes up too much resources which is cause for dropouts, clicks, etc. There are some pretty good players out there with minimal resource demands. I hope DAC vendors will start building USB/I2S receiver/converters in their product and stop nickel and dime ing the market.
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