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  1. Nice, Aura! I've gone back to DoubleShot and am enjoying a Panamanian El Bambito (or something like that) and a Costa Rican La Minita in my Chemex. Delish... I did notice they seem to be roasting a tad bit darker on these two, but still a medium roast I'd say. HS
  2. that was a good video. I like that young lady. Pleasant to watch and I learn something new every video. HS
  3. Please accept my sincere condolences, Fitz. Godspeed, Matilda... Sam
  4. RIP, James, Tony, Jerry and Viola. Amazing run, Viola! HS
  5. Charming young lady w/ a great accent IMO. HS
  6. RIP, Eddie...you marked my youth with some bad ass guitar. Cuts close this one. RIP, Mr. Nash... What a crap year. HS
  7. RIP, Ms. Diana... Lovely woman. HS
  8. I've driven through Greensboro several times for car stuff...cool town. HS
  9. Godspeed, Ms. Mae.... On behalf of my family, Al, please accept our sincere condolences. Tough to wrap one's head around how much a part of the family a pet becomes. Sam
  10. Yum, acidbasement! Infatuated with Onyx Coffee Labs offerings. They got a bit she-she with the packaging an unfortunately dropped the quantity included (looks like a Niemann Marcus offering...LOL), but boy the Kenya Rungeto Peaberry I'm drinking (Chemex drip brewed) is delumpsh. HS
  11. Fun story. Any racing post pandemic has been such a treat. I did not appreciate how much I needed it until the first pass... HD
  12. I've seen those...handsome watches. I'm kind of stuck on the 300M. Love my Speedy FOIS...wear that a lot. The 39mm suits me. The 300M, maybe a Cartier and the watch ordered should do nicely...LOL. HS
  13. That is a pic off google...not my wrist. I do well with 39-40mm watches, but it didn't look crazy big. I thought about getting the version with the bracelet, but I'm not that keen on it. I had a Seamaster that I "lost" in South America back in the early 2000's...a move and I trusted the office too much with things in my desk...my bad. Was a nice watch. For me that watch is all about the rubber bracelet...the look of it. I'll try it again and take my time and see if it works. I've got a watch ordered...long lead item. I won't jinx it, but I sure do hope it makes it in the ne
  14. Shame I missed that one, Jacob, but thank you for the heads-up all the same. I swooped in a bit late...LOL. Interesting choice, SeaWolf. I do like the transparency through to the mechanicals...enjoy seeing how mechanical things function. Sounds like you have a good woman looking out for your. I have fought off the temptation to buy a watch I keep thinking about. Tried it on when we were in Aruba last year (w/o the Sedna gold unfortunately) and liked the feel and look of it. I had just a tad big of difficulty with the rubber strap and it is on the larger side for my wrist a
  15. That's a heck of a value, ER. Looks like I have to sign up for a Visa card??? HS
  16. This is a good looking and versatile watch IMO albeit a bit large for me. I prefer 40mm. Arguably more money than it would be without the Fratello connection, but they are likely part of why it's as handsome as it is. https://www.fratellowatches.com/hamilton-khaki-field-murph-auto-joins-the-fratello-shop-catalog/ HS
  17. I'm a fan of a few of the Cartiers and that is one of them. Bought the wifey a Tank Francaise for our 20th and gave it to her over a late lunch at Tony's. She loved it. HS
  18. Made it out to a private track rental last night at Houston Raceway Park. The outfit always does a nice job. Only thing I missed was the catering...no no given the current situation. My son shot a vid of my first pass. I'm in the Jeep Trackhawk running against a Redeye. It was hot and humid...density altitude started at north of 2900ft, but I had a blast all the same. HS
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