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  1. I don’t wear my Japanese market Seiko “cocktail” watch often but every time I do I am pleasantly surprised by the craftsmanship, especially given the humble price… The image understates the bluish hue of the face. HS
  2. Been watching Deep State. Now on season 2. Not super but good enough. HS
  3. Godspeed, Mr. Williams.... Countless great roles. HS
  4. Godspeed, Mrs. Greenfield... My sincere condolences to you and your family, Todd (if I may). Sam
  5. Unfortunate is an understatement for those things, but I'm old... HS
  6. I was wondering what you meant by that. Figured it was something personal, but clearly lost on this camper. Good stuff, ER. Enjoy it in good health! HS
  7. Well.... No likey RAM. Understood. You could likely punt it and not lose much if anything in this market... HS
  8. I watched 2-3 episodes and completely lost interest. HS
  9. I've been on Deezer for years. Not the greatest interface but FLAC quality and I've got playlists I've invested in creating... I've often wondered whether they will continue to survive in the U.S. but so far so good. Only odd thing was I once had to cancel to enjoy a reduced rate that was more reasonable ($15/mo vs a good bit more if memory serves). HS
  10. Kind of spooky or a lot of spooky? Looks interesting but sometimes I would rather torture myself with racing vehicles that are far to heavy and illogical vs scaring the crap out of myself....LOL HS
  11. Watched a couple of episodes of Hacks. Nice recommendation, swt61! Wifey enjoyed it moreso. HS
  12. started watching Giri/Haji last night. Good recommend...thank you, Grahame! HS and I am enjoying Mare, TMoney.
  13. Holy shit I’m laughing! And I thought I was an old grump…lol. I agree that weird gray wood crap in the steering wheel of the Limited is off putting. Truly…it grated on me. The leather is ok. Good for a truck and how I use one IMO. The leather in the TRX including the dash is nice but you pay for it although you get a lot more performance and tech wise (eg suspension). The leather on the dash and all over from lovely Scandinavian cows that parted w it in my Trackhawk gives me a chubby…but I paid for it handsomely. Hopefully you can work through the tech niggles. The reviews
  14. Sorry to see you bought something you don't seem to care for, VPI. I hope at least it's what you need. I'll have to check out the new F150. I have friends with ones that don't have but a few years on them including one with a Raptor, but have not sat in a 2021. They must have improved markedly. HS
  15. I'm with you, naamanf. I'm not keen on Ford's interiors in general including the trucks, Mustangs and the new Bronco. Cheeeeezyyyy. HS
  16. Very nice! I miss my RAM. Don't miss parking it...LOL, but absolutely loved towing with it and the sheer utility and don't give a crap who parked next to me, etc... Lot to be said for that. I'll own another one day when my parking situation improves. They're too damn practical not to. I was eyeballing the TRX for a while...glad I stepped back. Got to drive a friend's....so damn nice and fun though! The interior is exceptional and the handling and quiet cabin given what it is / the tires...impressive. HS
  17. I'm a huge fan of these having lived with one for years. A bit of assembly required (get a friend and an easy few hour job) and you do give up a bit of space in the bed, but boy they make life easy. https://tonneaucoversworld.com/p/retraxpro-mx-tonneau-cover/v/dodge/ram-1500/2021/ HS
  18. That's a rugged looking tonneua cover...nice! HS
  19. Gotcha. I bet a couple of inches would be de minimis but that's easy for me to type and you're the one that's going to have to live with it. The great thing is you have an awesome tow vehicle...I miss my RAM 1500. I would tow about 8,000lb's and all I did besides have a quality trailer was add Firestone air bags inside the springs in the rear and beefed up bump stops I never ended running into but just in case. I actually liked the way the truck handled with the airbags filled (not to max) so ended up leaving them as is regardless of how I was towing. That air suspension you have
  20. This is from a RAM forum: My '20 Limited with air and no off road group, the step 1 measurement is 20" at the middle height setting on the suspension. Is the Kayak trailer two wheel or four wheel? If it's two wheeled then a slight upward angle to the hitch, allowing for your load's length, might be immaterial. My apologies if I'm asking questions that are not helpful...simply hoping you can get to a happy place with your new truck. I think it's handsome as hell with some great tech but then again I've become a MOPAR guy over the last 12 years....likely biased. HS
  21. The covers that come with the trucks are crap. Not sure who they source them from. I'm a fan of Pace Edwards retractable units. Take up some space with the box but a full sized oak can drop stuff onto it for years and zero reliability issues in my personal experience. I'm laughing with you on that unit to get low enough for the kayak trailer... Never had to use anything like that. Any chance the air suspension allows for some drop? I'm assuming not but thought I'd toss that out there. HS P.S. I'm slow...the "heavy thing". You're at three tons...ro
  22. I wasn't aware of this motor as I'm not a Ford guy. Found the following to help get me educated (somewhat...): https://www.motortrend.com/cars/ford/f-150/2021/2021-ford-f-150-powerboost-first-test/ 430hp which is nice but the 570ft lb's of torque is what jumped out at me....that and the 10 speed transmission is what's making it feel so peppy. Very cool. I get it. I've been jaded by boosted vehicles for a long while. I supercharged my 5.7L HEMI within a year of buying it (2009 Challenger manual trans at the time) which made it a whole lot more fun. I pulled the blower on my
  23. I drove the HEMI with the eTorque and it's a great combination in my opinion. I wouldn't mind a bit more sidewall on the tires but that's more a generational thing I figure (I'm dating myself...). Interesting on the speed. What are the specs on the Ford you were hoping to acquire? I'm not very well informed on the Ford stuff. Their Ecoboost is clearly a successful platform. HS P.S. you may hear a bit of noise from the lifters on the 5.7L HEMI. Do not let that bother you one bit. It's often referred to as the HEMI tick....no biggie. It's a stout motor.
  24. The RAMs are very nice! Drive amazing. Did you get the eTorque or simply the 5.7? Both are great. HS PS the air suspensions and how nice the interior and uuuuge 12” touchscreen are....#WINNING
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