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  1. Made it out to a private track rental last night at Houston Raceway Park. The outfit always does a nice job. Only thing I missed was the catering...no no given the current situation. My son shot a vid of my first pass. I'm in the Jeep Trackhawk running against a Redeye. It was hot and humid...density altitude started at north of 2900ft, but I had a blast all the same. HS
  2. LOL. First world problems... HS
  3. Way to own it, ER! Enjoy your non-social distancing HS
  4. Godspeed, Peter... Thank you for all the wonderful jams! RIP, Regis... HS
  5. It is a great amp. May not be as sophisticated as some of the newer designs, but it is exceptional in my humble opinion. Best of luck. HS
  6. LOL...on the Mr. Moore bit. I saw this late last night and had gone down the rabbit recently on his collection (streaming not owned). Thought there might be some confusion, but at least you have good taste RIP, Ms. Zizi... HS
  7. RIP, Grant and Paul.... Godspeed, Matsuo san... Designer of the Datsun Z-car. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/a33327318/yoshihiko-matsuo-nissan-z-designer-dead-at-86/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_rdt&utm_medium=email&date=071620&utm_campaign=nl20908219&utm_term=AAA -- High Minus Dormant and 90 Day Non Openers HS
  8. Wow...so many exceptional artists lost. Godspeed, Mssrs. Holm, Reiner, Mandel, Morricone, Daniels... HS
  9. slow n low... Traeger's are a very convenient way to enjoy BBQ. Nicely done! HS
  10. That was a cool vid, HW. Thank you for posting... HS
  11. I have to admit, that car is as classic and classy as it gets in that platform. Not my cup of tea, but it's a looker. HS
  12. https://journal.classiccars.com/2020/06/03/pick-of-the-day-1966-citroen-2cv/?utm_source=infusionsoft-pod&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pod&inf_contact_key=5cd5197aed77eaec8b911166c466916116358d5485884e2f31e6019a0d26c8b0 🤠 HS
  13. So far the Onyx Coffee Lab selections have been great. My favorite thus far of three I've sampled is the Columbian Rio Paez. Very forward apple note which is a treat. High quality stuff...thumbs up for the caffeine inclined.... HS
  14. It does! We need a wrist shot, ER... HS
  15. Looks very retro, ER. I like it. Sorry about the NS...you're far too young to be dealing with that. HS
  16. I looked at them. Might do one of these days. I've got a couple of NATO's for another watch that should work for a test spin. If I ever get the JR band off of it I might just try them. Haven't quite got there with the NATO's thus far other than on a more casual watch. I'm behind the times...LOL HS
  17. Awesomely! Look forward to seeing them, ER. You're spot on. I've seen some amazing Speedies with all kinds of bands. I don't mix it up much...I should do. Just easier for me to grab a watch and go. Maybe that will change once I retire... Or not...LOL. HS
  18. Very cool, ER. Surprised they didn't include some wrist shots for context. Hopefully you'll post some so we can see how it looks on you. Might be an option for my FOIS. I'm still enamored with the JR alligator band. I never put on the beads of rice band on my Aquascaphe...always have the blue rubber one as it's so comfortable and suits the watch IMO, but who knows... HS
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