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  1. Anyone order the boards? I'd be interested in a pair.
  2. "City of Tiny Lites". Tell us the truth: 1.7 or 2.1? Make sure the salty Kattegatt sea air doesn't corrode the copper.
  3. A listen now and then might be advantageous. Aren't the bottles supposed to be turned every year or so? About to replace the cable of the 007 when I've got the Carbon together. Gamma will do service meanwhile. Thinking of moving the drivers to a SR-X MkIII, but don't know if it's worth the effort. On-ear not so comfortable. If the Carbon fulfills expectations the headphone to the right behind may be the next step.
  4. Don't buy a lottery ticket this month, Joachim. Is the membrane ripped, or is it only surface damage? If the latter, the driver may reform. And you can always send it back for repair, then you'll have a mint headphone again (even if the cost hurts). Reminds me to be extra careful when I change cable on the 007, to be done when my Carbon is finished. Something to look forward to.
  5. Finally completed my Dynahi, an on/off project (like some of them) for five years. Bought the set of boards from Samsie in December 2015, so I thought I'd just let him know that they eventually came of use! Turned out to be a relatively uncomplicated build, except for a couple of resistors around the THAT340 with too many zeros, discovered by MLA. Also a problem with the -30V side on one of the PSUs. Turned out to be a malfunctioning rectifier. A BC556 popped, but the supply worked once replaced. For a week or so, then the 556 popped again. After the third time I scratched my head, but some sparks from one of the surrounding caps told me it had taken some beating from the faulty rectifier. Replaced that and the DN2540 and now it has played without incidents for a couple of weeks. Sounds very nice and has become my go-to-amp, with some competition from a KSA5 I took over from MLA recently. Spoiled for choice.
  6. Thanks, two jumpers did the trick. I think I'll lower the gain with 50K/5pF feedback, which I think are the parts at the arrow (don't have a schematic). The PSU is hopefully ok too, did not populate the transistors that popped at turn-on. Time to test the beast.
  7. Am about to test my Dynahi boards but have a little probelm. The holes were to small for the 0,1 uF servo caps so I made them slightly larger wit a drill. Later I realised I may have ruined and inner layer contact (one leg of the caps have no connection on the back of the board). Is there a way to check this, could a jumper fix it?
  8. Had a Keith Monks unipivot quicksilver tone arm 30 years ago, very interesting design. Problem was that the pins oxidised in the quicksilver bath, had to be cleaned regularly. But the design without cables from tone arm to turntable and at the same time damping of the unipivot arm tube in the four quicksilver baths connecting cartridge to riia was quite intriguing.
  9. Wonderful. Listened and appreciated it. Only afterwards did I realise she's from my home country - never heard about her before. Shame on me.
  10. No it's not. Generalised opinions like this should be avoided.
  11. Now isn't that a rare choice. I bought his "Jonas Fjeld Rock and Rolf Band" in the 1970s, on sale at Waidele in Gothenburg. A terrific, original and inspired recording making fun of present trends with a satire twist ("Bridge Over Tonic Water"). A forgotten masterpiece that still excites.
  12. Count me in as well. Fine amp, does its duties alongside Dynalo, M3 and Squarewave (and soon Dynahi). Runs it with Russian gold grid 6N1P tubes.
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