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  1. No it's not. Generalised opinions like this should be avoided.
  2. Now isn't that a rare choice. I bought his "Jonas Fjeld Rock and Rolf Band" in the 1970s, on sale at Waidele in Gothenburg. A terrific, original and inspired recording making fun of present trends with a satire twist ("Bridge Over Tonic Water"). A forgotten masterpiece that still excites.
  3. Count me in as well. Fine amp, does its duties alongside Dynalo, M3 and Squarewave (and soon Dynahi). Runs it with Russian gold grid 6N1P tubes.
  4. Thanks. Of course a small homage to the Swedish radio manufacturer 'voice of Scandinavia' (1940s). The vintage knob has the patented double dot feature which guarantees perfect channel balance. On-off switch is a spiffy little Russian thing with nice M1,6 threads. Bought a pair from Bulgaria delivered in oiled paper. Strange thing: manufacturer has the same name as me.
  5. Gonna start Dynahi next, on board heatsinks and double mono in two boxes, and wonder if anyone konows where I can source two SJ109 jfets to go with the SK389s I got.
  6. Does anyone possibly have a couple of sj109 to complement my sk389s?
  7. This is outrageous! I just got a 0,002V shock from my 4xx, an outburst that enhanced dynamics subtly but perceptably. 5th layer stereo depth, black background etc.
  8. Anyone got a TKD 2CP 601 stereo pot to spare?
  9. Squeezed this amp into a small Modushop case. Tight fit for the caps, but it works. Doesn't get particularly warm. An interesting alternative for planars.
  10. Finding and matching them. If anyone got spares, pm me.
  11. As there is one more KGDT being built I thought I'd post some pics. I went with Jose's suggestion regarding the placing of the amp boards, seems to be the best compromise. I had concerns with the AC heater leads but no hum. A modest +/-300V but very nice with normal bias Stax. And 6/12V tube rolling possible.
  12. No, but have been tempted. Has its pros and cons.
  13. My normal smd Dynalo got purrty hot with 400 ohm bias resistors. Lid on the Economica got almost too hot to touch in a cramped shelf but it worked a couple of years until one of the boards smoked. Replaced components (mostly resistors, some smd:s) and changed to 255 ohm resistors but again smoke - the board had burned through someplace. Thanks to the ever resourceful MLA I got a new board that I populated with the assistance of Spritzer (supplying PZTA06:s). Boy, now it sings. Initially it didn't feel right to play with the volume at 5 but now I prefer it - it's here all amps sh
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