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  1. Any suggestions for a sick looking front panel switch light other than the typical 19mm light on most builds? Looking for a change just don't know what to look for
  2. Having a hard time sourcing 47uf 16 VDC capacitor in 3.5mm case for the GR78/79xx built anyone have any spares? I need 4 https://canada.newark.com/vishay/tmcmb1c476mtrf/surface-mount-tantalum-capacitor/dp/56Y0110?ost=tmcmb1c476mtrf
  3. Has anyone tried the newer UnitedSIC yet for the GRHV78/79 regulator build in lieu of the Cree C2M1000170D? They are still out of stock until end of June..🥵 Another option that I have found somewhere on the forum is FQPF8N80C. Anyone tried them? https://www.digikey.ca/en/products/detail/on-semiconductor/FQPF8N80C/1056533
  4. Hi Todd, The downloadable file links do not work.
  5. Hello I am looking for two spare Carbon amp boards from the last GB, either Version 5 or 6. I already have the GRLV & HV boards Please send me a private message Thanks
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