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  1. Rush - Freewill. (Actually I want to and will listen whole Permanent Waves album, but right now this song) I love Geddy Lee's voice, especially before sleeping.
  2. "Cavalli Liquid Carbon…well what can I say about this amp. It was bought to simply test out this “wonder amp” and well it didn’t disappoint. Typical Cavalli so their claims about the design are full of lies and the performance is pretty sucktacular. Way too warm and mushy to be considered anything but low end stuff. What this is, is an opamp phase splitter running into a quad of single ended amps with quite possibly the worst power supply I’ve ever tested. There are so many things wrong with this that I didn’t know where to start fixing so I just said “fuck it” and screwed it together again. I did add some feet to it so maybe an upgrade in some way? I’m just going to sell this thing so I can buy some more over-hyped garbage to take apart. It comes with the original box and I believe it has lifetime warranty from Cavalli which people will need if they plug in more than one headphone at the same time. Price: 400$ plus shipping" I love your sales policy @spritzer It made my day.
  3. Happy birthday Birgir. You are really good person.
  4. I've heard some people can make custom tips for them. If you like them that much, you can try to get custom tips.
  5. They look interesting and they are cheap, do anyone know any technical info about them?
  6. Thanks Sir. I'm only reading now, cuz as my title says I'm a newbie. I read first 30 page so far. Anyway i have a question, most probably asked before but here i go: Does using 100V Stax amps with stepdown transformers (I live in Turkey, so we use 220V) (churi ones or any other good one) degrade sound quality?
  7. Hey guys, I'm Özgür from Turkey. It's my first post, i read the rules but still I hope i'm not doing anything wrong. Because as i understand you all (nearly) have diy experiences and have really good g(ears). Anyway, recently i was thinking bout buying an end game Stats amplifier, but i lost all of my savings cuz of some stupid job. Then i went to small upgrades for my SR-207 and SRM-252s. I made a friend make a 12v 2A linear power supply for my SR-252s and bought a pair of EP-507 for SR-207. They became like different system now. I think they amuse me for a while. I'm learning from this community. Thank you all.
  8. Are sigma's driver not even angled, like lambdas? Interesting... Well my point is, as you understand, Shure did something very different about positioning drivers into closure.
  9. The thing that makes me angry is that attitude, n3rdling. Its what big companies have been doing for ages... Trying to patent things unclear (well not unclear to be honest but they wanna get advantage). They also did new things, I admit that. I have no idea how complex the things they did but, driver is not facing, but have like 180 degree angle, bore and the acustic way toward bore is angled weirdly, the enclosure is kinda like balanced armature. Also anyone dig into the word "electret" what used to describe something about that iem? I really wanna know if my theory is correct.
  10. I really hate hype people... I defend my ideas on turkish forum but, dunno if it makes sense. What i really don't understand is, shure did very innovative, untried things with that headphone, but still they wanna get credit for old "electrostatic transducer technology" as if they invented it. But guys still, i'm very curious about it's sound signature. Especially after seeing that unconventional transducer placing. As i know, even in baby Staxes, transducer faces directly to ear, am I right?
  11. Thanks Sherwood, you're so kind. Here is the original post with patent filling link. Also i wonder, did they really say that they've worked on cables for 3 years? What difference did they make? I really wonder.
  12. Guys I'm newbie, and it's my first message on this forum, i heard the news from Turkish forum, watched Jude's video and Jude's attitude already irritated me. But now i checked on patent, and it's really ridiculous, their claims are like they invented the electrostatic system. Also i catch the word "electret" and i guess they put electret plates behind standart electrostatic stators. i dont know about the gap between stators and diaphragm, but i guess thats why bias is really lower than baby stax. Can any pro check the patent, if not already did? It is fun to read as well.
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