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  1. Thanks Al. Sorry about that, but shitloads of shit happened. Well, I'm alive
  2. I became online on H-C after a looooong period. Hi!
  3. Sorry for being late... Happy Birthday Mike!!!
  4. All the cats in my herd are free do to anything they want except using turntable... She want to sleep on something hot. Instead of radiator, she wanted to sleep on source of "hot" Pamuk says "hi" to you all.
  5. They are not tamed. They like you and see you as a herd leader. Welcome to the club. He is getting bigger really fast.
  6. RIP Super Dave Osborne... Fuck cancer! ?
  7. Sorry for being late... Happy Birthday Todd!!! Or in cattish "purrrrr!"
  8. Damn, SpongeBob is my favourite cartoon... RIP mr squarepants... Fuck ALS...
  9. Wayne and Antonio Condolences to both of you. I'm really sorry for your loses. My mother and grandmothers are praying for your lost friends and especially for the kids and your sister Antonio.
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