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  1. Thanks fellas! I hope I can stable my financial condition and can join meetings. It is really hard to sell quads in this economy but, selling computer and DAP gives me some breath.
  2. Only Quad ESL 2905s are left. it'll be hard to ship them from Turkey to USA But thanks for support, mental support worths more than anything.
  3. Dollar is 5,30 TL now... I quit the job. Now I'm selling everything I own to establish a company. Computer and DAP are sort of sold. Waiting for speakers. I'm going to get into e-trade. this is the last resistance i can make. Wish me luck.
  4. He really have special interest on feet. Father became nomad but mother and son stick together with us.
  5. Welcome to the club Jacob. Having cat on your lap with purring is really priceless and much more effective than medications I'm taking. Sorry for other news...
  6. Happy Birthday! Sorry for Being late
  7. Guys I just saw in news there is a fire in California... Are everybody sade?
  8. Happy Birthday Antonio!!!
  9. RIP who died in Greece during forest fire. Trully awful...
  10. Started to change my music files from compressed formats to Wav. Nothing changed from computer but music player run more smooth while playing wav compared to compressed formats. Also changing foldering format too. Damn I'm bored...
  11. Today I found out on the news, 2 little girl found dead in Turkey after have been missing for 2-3 week. 8 years old Eylül and 3,5 years old Leyla... 8 years of Eylül's killer raped and strangled 2 dogs in his past, found guilty and released... His latest victim is Eylül. FFS they fucked up the country in every possible way. I literally cried in my room after I saw their pictures.
  12. Peter Brötzmann - Dead And Useless https://tidal.com/album/30986395 I'm digging into Free Jazz...
  13. Thank you for giving her a shelter and love. She looks beautiful.
  14. Thanks guys. When I got into this hobby seriously, I bought stax SRS 2170 and USA dollar parity was 1,7 or so. Now it is 4,7... And since begining of this year you have to pay %40 tax. %20 customs, %20 special consumption tax... I really need to learn DIY stuff... I really cannot believe how people can be this stupid.
  15. Tayyip won again... we're screwed.
  16. I voted today. Muharrem İnce gave the hope to us, we will see... Lots of bad shit happening tho. Wish good luck to Turkey Sirs.
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