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  1. I haven't been working for 10 days now. All my books are in boxes in the other house. I bought a gaming rig but it seems I'm done with gaming. Damn it is so boring... I did some repair on shelter today. Cats used to gather at the feeding time but they are coming irregularly.
  2. Thank you Sirs! My colleagues throwed me a birthday + farewell party. My contract ended last thursday. I'm free as bird now. Well, I became 30, the path is halved... Cats are fine, I'm going to borrow their room for 3-4 months, then I'm going to move my own apartment.
  3. Hey my good Sirs! I've been absent for a long time again w/o saying anything. Sorry about that. So... Not all the things happened today but, I got a really good job offer from a chemical company from my home town. I quit the job. I'm moving back to my hometown earlier than expected, in early june. My boss asker me to quit early even if i told them I'm going to quit at early august but, they are covering rent of 2 months. So all is ok. At last I'm getting away from here. Moar Cat photos and recipes are coming soon! @Dusty Chalk can i get my title back, my good sir?
  4. Enjoy your retirement Tyll. You are maybe the most important people that makes me love this hobby. If you ever Want to come to Turkey, you have a place here.
  5. Happy Birthday Tyler Abi! I'm going to drink a duble Rakı for you today.
  6. Happy Birthday DOTU!!!! I have a original long bearded photo, can I use it?
  7. Teşekkür ederim Tyler abi. It's good to see you too!
  8. They've missed me. Also it's good to see the shelter is used as intend.
  9. Happy Birthday my good sir!
  10. I come to my home town today. If someone said "you are going to miss this place" a year ago, I'd not believe that. In Istanbul, noone ever make eye contact when you are passing by them. In here I couldn't walk 100 meters without saying "hello". I really love Tavşanlı... Soon I'm going to send genuine Tavşanlı roasted chickenpeas to you! As a gift ofc.
  11. Sorry Craig... Happy Birthday!
  12. Condolences Todd. I'm really sorry for your loss...
  13. Happy Birthday Colin! Have a great one!
  14. Mother and Son watching wild life, learning "how to" Happy New year fellow head-casers!
  15. Happy Birthday Ken! For I cannot give you physichal presents and as I named Cat herder, here is your gift: Duman; a cat who loves car trips.
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