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  1. one of my favorite local bands singing about the nuclear knife.
  2. I saw three different gerber files. 1 with trough-hole, 2 with smd components. The one i was looking at was "diffinput6a" - with smd components. I saw your project also, with trough-hole components, so that is also an option.
  3. For a simple balanced volume control, is attenuator + 4 diamond buffers OK, or i misunderstood something? I saw that people were making preamps with input selection and ubal/bal boards, but i suppose if i only need balanced, ubal/bal board is optional?
  4. While i had 727II with SR-009, SS Dynalo with HD800 was getting most of the playing time. After getting the the RME and its parametric EQ, the SR-009 almost got sold as i did not really see the point of owning it. If i did not find the SRX+ and decided to build one for myself, they would probably be gone already. Bought 95x locally and for cheap, decided to use it for backup and testing. HD800 took a step back to the SR-009. After that i got an itch and decided to build the Carbon. Now i generally use the 95x. Carbon removed a good part of that gap and they are a lesser pain in the ass someho
  5. I hope that concerts will become a thing again, i would like to see them perform live.
  6. snakefinger still remains as one of my favorite musical discoveries.
  7. you can find some more info in this thread: about trafo specs:
  8. Question about MATE_N_LOK connectors from the Main PSU board BOM. Pitch = 4.14 mm? This one as a 2 pin example https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-1-770872-0.html
  9. Hm, it looks there was something else also causing the noise issues. Trafo itself was buzzing. I have removed the cover, now there is no noise on the trafo and seems that i cannot hear any noise on the headphones.. I will try again in the morning when there is no noise in the house but i think now it is silent. As i saw some scratch marks on the inside of the cover, it looks like the bolt was touching the cover and possibly making a shorted turn. Or i moved some wires and now it is magically better. Or both.
  10. My father told me that he cannot hear anything, but i can hear a very faint hum. There is room for improvement in my heater wiring. And i need to check if my soldering of socket pins is good. Better to ignore that question, i got confused about nothing..
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