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  1. It may make a marginal improvement with my CD player, but the improvement if any is so small that I don't even know if it's there. I use an isolation transformer along with an industrial line filter I found at the surplus store.
  2. Let's just say there's a message board with thousands of members dedicated to the Toronto area sex industry, and it has reviews of many service providers.
  3. Hate to be a party-pooper, but not really. Layout is nice, but the actual solder joints themselves aren't that great. Quite a few have too much solder and some don't have enough, overall it qualifies as being built to Class I standards (common consumer goods), and would fail Class II (telecom & medical equipment) nevermind Class III (military & aerospace).
  4. I'm not so sure about that, the Toronto area has a very healthy & diverse escort industry. Very easy to get lots of oral, vaginal, and anal sex if you have the money.
  5. <insert obligatory Bada PH-12 comment>
  6. 3-somes with sexy women. BTW, I've always wondered how it's like to sleep with twins...
  7. Sin City, Batman Begins, and Star Wars: Episode III. Those were the only movies I saw last year, they were all good but I put Sin City on top because it had everything. Gratuitous violence, twisted humor, and hot naked women.
  8. I don't suppose you remember the "Do you touch yourself at night?" thread which I started on Head-fi when the CI forum first went up...unfortunately it got deleted after a day.
  9. Yup, in the first line. "There is 75Ohms in series to each XLR active pin. The circuit impedance is less then 1 Ohm, so why 75 Ohms in series?" Circuit impedance under 1 Ohm, plus 75 Ohm on the (+) & (-) pins on the XLR. So roughly 75 Ohm, in theory, I think...
  10. Now that you mention that, it all makes sense. That fucktard assclown is shilling his shit so he can sell for good prices, I wouldn't be surprised if his Bada or SA5000 goes on sale after everyone forgets about the beating I gave him on both items.
  11. Oval. Every time I sit on a round toilet I feel like I'm going to fall through it, which really screws up the satisfaction of my morning dump. And that screws up my mood for the day.
  12. In that case, you might want to check out Vulgar. If a movie about a transvestite party clown isn't weird enough, I don't know what is.
  13. I think I'm experiencing a time warp alternate reality or something. Every time I hear about the movie "Crash", I think about the 1996 David Cronenberg film about people who got off in car crashes. That was one weird film, car crash fetishists, who woulda thunk?
  14. I'm using some ~1/2" thick foam-rubber sheets I found at the dollar store, I think they're for children's playground floors. I use them to support my amp and keep it from sliding around. I don't think it does anything for the sound, but for a dollar, I'm not expecting miracles. I put my CD player on 1/2" thick glass block because it looks kinda cool, again, no effect on sound as far as I can tell.
  15. Yup, industrial motor run capacitors. Metallized polypropylene in oil, the ones on the left are 75uF each and there's about 240V on them, the ones on the right are 50uF, used as cathode bypass caps.
  16. Balanced outputs, but single-ended inputs, and without a big re-wiring job on the front end it can't accept balanced inputs. And it uses a 4-pin XLR on the output so I don't think it's going to help on your K340. Plus it's still mounted on a pine board (literally) so it's not going anywhere.
  17. That's the one, though I do need to come up with a new name for it one day. That is, if I can put my soldering iron down and stop tweaking it.
  18. They're in the 2nd Hamilton meet thread somewhere, but as I'm banned from head-fi at the moment I can't exactly access them.
  19. I believe this is one of those things where if one understands, no explanation is needed, and if one doesn't understand, no explanation is possible. All I know it started around when the Cincinnati meet thread and my Bada thread went insane. Actually I do know the meaning of the pretzel, but if I told you I'd have to kill you...with a pretzel.
  20. Well, my amp definitely wins the "it's not a bomb!" award... Right now I'm thinking about building an amp based on the first 2 stages of The Karna, but substituting 26's for the ECC99 so I have directly heated triodes for the entire amp. Would also need a new output transformer as well and a few other things, but that's in the far future unless I win the lottery or somehow come across an obscene amount of money.
  21. Mine is now. Significant improvement, well worth it, though I do not have a balanced source yet to complete the chain. So far the only headphones I've heard balanced are my Senn 580, a friend's 650, and my own K340. Of those the 650 & K340 improve the most while the 580 only has modest gains, which could probably be equaled by upgrading to a better single-ended amp.
  22. What my parents did when I was a crawler was to sandwich the wallunit and some tables when I was up and about, and then pull them out into the proper listening position once I was safely asleep. In the "safe" position they were still fine for background music so my parents could still enjoy some tunes during the day, but they definitely sounded a lot better when slid out into the room.
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