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  1. tumpux

    The Headcase Stax thread

    What volume pot does it use?
  2. tumpux

    Kaldas Research

    and some pictures please..
  3. tumpux

    Kaldas Research

    Great.. Can we have more pictures of that special edition packaging?
  4. tumpux

    Stax SRM-T2

    Some more questions, from the pictures look like there are sleeves on the input stage tubes. Are they for cooling purpose? Is the original T2 use any exotic capacitors?
  5. tumpux

    Stax SRM-T2

    I see. It's very interesting though, because among all people I think you will be the one who has a soft spot for a historical piece such this, keep one or two around and do something interesting with it.
  6. tumpux

    Stax SRM-T2

    Beautiful.. What happen with this amp on a daily basis? Is it still work? Is it true that on the back of the amp unit, there is a plate with the owner's name? Any plan to stuff a Carbon into this shell for its 30th anniversary?
  7. tumpux

    KEF Egg

    it should have an electrostatic driver by the time they get to S4000 Pro..
  8. tumpux

    Stax SRM-T2

    Reviving an old thread, but I think for archiving purpose it would be great if the outdated pictures links on this thread are updated with the current ones.
  9. tumpux

    Stax SRM-T8000

    I always think that every company that work on a niche market would benefit from a halo product. Something that pushes the boundary. Something that most of its fans could only aspire to have someday. Well, at least they still haven't use the SRM-T3 name yet..
  10. tumpux

    Mjolnir Audio Dynalo 2 , just bought it.

    I guess if Mr Katz likes it then it couldn't be wrong.. ☺️
  11. tumpux

    Stax SRM-T8000

    Interesting, I thought it would be the other way around where big players got the preferential treatment from parts manufacturers. Plus the economic of scale where they could produce at lower cost than DIY builders. Maybe it will be offset later for dealers margin but still they should be able to produce something with the same performance level. And while Birgir is here, hypothetically if one day Stax oyabuns have a change of heart and decides to put out true performance product, and they decide that the easiest way would be to use the existing DIY design like Carbons, how difficult it would be for the product to see the actual launch?
  12. tumpux

    Stax SRM-T8000

    Lets bring the discussion back on topic. I tried a demo unit of T8000 in a headphone store in Jakarta. I am surprised that they have one as demo unit because to be honest not too many people could afford one around here. They also have L700, 007 and 009 as demo units. No 009S yet. Maybe next year. Sound-wise.. I couldn't really describe it but to me it sounds plain. I tried it mostly with a 007, and I expect more from the current top of the line Stax amplifier. I expected it to be somewhat close to what we get from Dr Gilmore's designed amps. I still can't grasp what's stopping Stax from selling an amp with the same level of performance as Hawaiis or Carbons.
  13. tumpux

    The Headcase Stax thread

    I think it's also due to its age. Most of Mk1 out there are very old units. So combine it with the design of the cable entry assembly will result in a lot of failures.
  14. tumpux

    Happy Birthday Spritzer

    Happy birthday Birgir..! Panjang umur, sehat selalu.
  15. tumpux

    Happy Birthday Justin!

    Happy birthday Justin. Panjang umur, sehat selalu.