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  1. Agreed, love that Costa Rican tarrazu. I first tasted it some twenty years and I've loved Central American coffees ever since. That acid balance...sublime!
  2. As for the vinegar thing...as a kid, we had a hockey trip down to North Dakota to play against some 'merican teams. One of our adults, slightly inebriated, almost got into a fight at McDonalds because he wanted some "fucking vinegar for my fucking fries!" As an adult, I concur with his taste.
  3. RIP Chuck Close. As a kid, I only saw his work in books. Then I saw one hanging at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. "Wow, now I get it."
  4. Condolences Todd.
  5. It's been ages since I've listened to NWW. I think I'll have to give that one a try.
  6. What cut will you be eating first? Asking for a doctor friend.
  7. Maybe the 009S will now to be their TOTL can?
  8. Which chess films would you recommend?
  9. RIP James Randi Thanks for exposing the charlatans.
  10. If it's not too late, be sure to stop at Pisew Falls on the way back. It was my peaceful spot when I lived in YTH.
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