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  1. What cut will you be eating first? Asking for a doctor friend.
  2. Maybe the 009S will now to be their TOTL can?
  3. Which chess films would you recommend?
  4. RIP James Randi Thanks for exposing the charlatans.
  5. If it's not too late, be sure to stop at Pisew Falls on the way back. It was my peaceful spot when I lived in YTH.
  6. @acidbasement How did you get up there? Mom and dad worked up there in the early sixties. I was fortunate to do a half-dozen trips there when I worked for Via Rail in the nineties.
  7. Oh wow! No, I haven't seen that. That'll be playing on the big screen as soon as wifey and doggos are out for a walk. She's definitely not a fan of this stuff. Also, thanks for mentioning some more bands. Most I've heard but not all, so I'm on a mission to check them out.
  8. Man, it's been a long time but I still have most of his stuff on vinyl. Back in the eighties, CBC Radio had a late night program called Brave New Waves that introduced this country boy to Foetus , Nurse with Wound, Psychic TV, Current 93 and on and on. Good times, for sure.
  9. Condolences Jose. Hang on to those great memories!
  10. Nice Calfee! Love that paint job. I've had my nude Tetra Pro for about a decade now and I still grin like an idiot when out riding, that's how great it feels to me. Just noticed the Speedplays. I use the T1's.
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