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goldenreference high voltage power supply (GRHV)

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This topic has needed its own thread for quite some time (years), so starting one. I may see if I can get a mode to move some of the posts here (Carbon thread, not sure where else they are littered).

11 hours ago, Pars said:

GRHV question: I'm building a pair of the singles intended for 400V output. On the BOM I have, there are 2 680uf caps for each board; 1 is a 550V caP, the other a 450V cap. I presume the 550V would go right after the rectifiers in the schematic, and the 450V on the output.

The BOM that was posted by jamesmking uses 4 x 470uf 550V Kemets. Is there much difference between the 680uf and 470uf in terms of sound or anything?

BTW, I think I had mentioned this before, but the GRHV really deserves its own thread. Confusing to have to weed through the Carbon thread, and I don't know how many other threads with GRHV posts in them.

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