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  1. I am sure you do prefer the 007 for the type of music you listen to. I would as well.
  2. You listened with the same source and rest of system for both phones?
  3. The LCD-2 R2 is pretty darn good but the fit is terrible, they clamp like crazy and the headband digs into the head, does not lie flat, bad design IMO. I prefer a more open sounding phone but they are a nice change. Bass is impressive. I will be interested to hear the LCD-3. Hopefully the guys at RMAF can give us a report.
  4. Thanks Inu. I seem to recall some early pictures from your build with PRPs in the batteries. Is that not correct or did you change those? Anyways, it seems there are some strange interactions between the resistors and pots in the batteries going on.
  5. Yeah, PSU repair will cost you extra I think that is the law with Mouser orders, that there is always one more thing which needs to be ordered the day after you've placed a huge order. I truly hope this resistor thing is the problem everyone is having. It was the last thing I replaced (well, excepting the pot) after a month of replacing other parts and pulling my hair out. And I so wanted to keep my pretty PRPs
  6. Spritzer, fyi, I replaced most of the 3675 on the first quest to get rid of the noise, no dice. Your noise is exactly the same as mine. I heard the mp3. And on the first T2 we built one side was dead quiet and the other noisy, like yours. If you'd like, you can send it to us and we'll repair it for you .
  7. If I sell it, it will go to someone I know and can trust, not some random person. Probably not going to list it at all and I am in no hurry to sell.
  8. One more thing I just remembered. When we were working on the right side, trying to find the noise, we also changed the PRPs to Xicons around the DJ8s. I do think the problem is in the batteries though, since I could change the noise by adjusting the pots.
  9. No noise at all in the second T2 and I used all Xicons. KG has had no noise and he used all Xicons. From what I have seen/heard here, everyone who used PRPs has had the same noise problem and have not found a solution yet, except for maybe Inu?? I still have a few PRPs in T2 #1, but not in the batteries. If I were the other builders I would experiment first by changing all the resistors in the batteries to Xicons.
  10. The first T2 we built which had noise on the right channel (we got that out) then developed noise on the left recently. In working on the right side we replaced many parts, including some resistors (changed to Xicons), the sound finally went away after we changed the pots. Before that though we had changed all the resistors in one battery on the right side. Sometime later, a few months, the left side started with some noise, so we replaced the pots and it was gone. Recently, the noise came back on the left. So, my theory, based on absolutely nothing but a feeling, was that there is some strange interaction between the pots and the PRPs or Rikens (had a few of these in the batteries). Yesterday we changed out all the resistors in the batteries for Xicons, result, no noise. Not saying we solved it 100% yet since we only ran the amp for 45 minutes, but the sound had always showed up by that time. The only other thing which was changed was the nylon screws for PEEK, since I am thinking of selling this baby. I know there are guys out there who used exotic resistors and have noise. It may be worth a try to replace them. Let us know if you already tried that and it did not work. To be really clear, I have very, very little technical knowledge of the circuit, close to nothing, so this is just based on a hunch, intuition if you will.
  11. I thought the onboard heatsink version needed to be the lower voltage, like 450? Edit: NVM, why do have three PSs, are you building for other people?
  12. Huh, you posted the same exact thing here 2x and did the same at head-fi. Are you a bot or just incredibly needy?
  13. ED asked me for a review about a week ago so I wrote a few sentences which they posted on the 009 page. Basically, I agree with Tyll, that this is the best headphone all around but I still love all my other phones, and I like the 007 more than he does. The T2 is really great with them. (I know I'm not ast but i thought i would chime in to the 009 love parade )
  14. Received the last 7 pairs, shipped them out an hour later, 2 left to be picked up, one tonight, one tomorrow. Got the first group buy under my belt, went very well, except maybe for the 5 month delay. Thanks everyone for being patient. I got not one complaint or even one question, nothing What a welcome relief to be amongst mature audiophiles.
  15. Please, everone left in the group buy PM your shipping address once agin to confirm or let me know if you want to pick them up (besides nerdling, i know he will pick his up). I have been shipping FedEx so far but am open to UPS or USPS. FedEx is easy. Package is 7 lbs. and 14x14x14, so you can research the different costs. I have been insuring for the full amount, which makes it costly, but safer I guess. Tell me how you want them shipped, insured, and how fast via PM. Hope all is ok with you Doug.
  16. Good points Al, I tend to agree. I could see how these would be too bright for more aggressive music and loud volumes. In fact, this could also be said about the HE90, SR-Omega, R10, and HD800. All 7 remaining pairs from the group buy are being shipped to me today
  17. ED told me today they will get 5-7 more pairs tomorrow (we need 7 more to finish the group buy), so yours should be coming to you in a few weeks Mr. Mcmanus.
  18. Heh, thanks for clarifying things. I do trust your reviews and enjoy them even if I disagree on some things
  19. It's not that it is not 'worthy' but I think it helps people weigh your review. I find metal and rap un-listenable. (The only time I listened to metal was when I was tripping on acid at age 16, rap for awhile when i was counseling troubled youth). Since you say most headphones are bright, I think it helps put things in perspective when I know you listen to certain genres. Now, I bet you also listen to other stuff, but I don't know, maybe not?? Since many people hang on your reviews I thought it might provide clarity. I don't actually agree with you on the brightness issues on the HE90, SR-Omega, 007-SZ3, and now the 009. But, if i were listening to heavy metal or more intense music, I might. jgazal makes a great point too. Oh, and I am definitely a snob.
  20. I always listen on random, so got a fair share of poorly recorded stuff and I say these are still very smooth, no fatigue for me. We should probably say what kinds of music we listen to mostly, since I know some people are listening to music I could never listen to for a second (like metal). This is not a fair comparison in my mind. I listen mostly to Classical, but also Jazz, Rock, & Electronic. My source is a computer into an APL NWO-M, super detailed.
  21. The 009 is the best all around phone I have heard. There are fun aspects to my other phones which I will still enjoy, like classical on the HE90 and R10, rock on the LCD-2, but the 009 is great at everything. No harshness for me at all. It actually is smoother than the SR-Omega I think. On the subject of harshness, after chasing it in my system for a long time, I found it disappeared after I stopped drinking caffeine (due to getting sick, just have not started back up). Maybe I should sell this knowledge as a secret tweak (:
  22. Too bad we didn't get all 12 at once... Heh, funny. I've got them on now. It's cooled a bit here.
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