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  1. Too bad we didn't get all 12 at once... Heh, funny. I've got them on now. It's cooled a bit here.
  2. Phones shipped to Voltron and spritzer today, should be to both of them early next week, barring any Icelandic customs shenanigans. Spritzer, I would trade the heat. It was 94F yesterday and 100F the day before.
  3. Too hot here yesterday for tube amps to be on too long, but I fired the T2 up for a bit and the phones do sound very, very good. Remind me of the SR-Omega, but I think the stage is a bit smaller, not sure. I am terrible at descriptions but I will try some more after I listen again.
  4. They are "Out for Delivery" to me today, but not here yet. Waiting. Gonna take pics when I get the 5 sets.
  5. My goodness that guy has a ton of negative feedback, didn't see any concerning this device. Did you order one from him Kevin? Edit: Nevermind, found many more sellers.
  6. Did a random draw using an online tool, with everyone included except monsieurguzel. This seems the most fair. Here are the results: spritzer voltron ephemeral hope screaming oranges blubliss So, the first five go to these people. If you want to give up your spot, let me know. Tracking info says they should get to me next Thursday. Send me a pm with shipping instructions or tell me if you want to pick them up here.
  7. Five sets of the twelve ordered are being shipped to me today; don't know when more are coming but I would guess it would not take too long since they are shipping now. How do you guys think we should decide who gets them? I could do a random pull from a hat?
  8. Interesting, they changed the 'expected on' date at ED from 9/2 to 9/1.
  9. Huh, I thought it fit in a single 3U case? This is what I am planning to do.
  10. They changed the 'expected on' date at ED to 9/2.
  11. Surprise, surprise, no package and no word from Yama's (ED is trying to reach them). I'll just wait until they have them in hand to say anything as to not arouse excitement.
  12. Looks like ED will be getting some units tomorrow but I do not know how many yet. They are supposed to call me.
  13. So are most people going to build the off-board heatsink model in the pesante dissipante 3U 400mm depth case? Has anyone found anything else?
  14. Looks the same to me in Firefox. Also, I don't see the "Mark all as read" button in the new content area.
  15. Very, very nice Kerry. Your PS wiring is 1000% better than mine
  16. Group buy: I contacted Elusive Disc today and asked them to try and get an update, will post when I hear back.
  17. blubliss

    Audeze LCD-2

    These things actually kept me away from the LCD-2 for a long while. I just couldn't fathom the degree of fanboyism and protectionism coming from karthdude. It was sickening. I read BabyAnts review at HF, thought it was good, then I ordered the phones shortly after seeing a few others agree with his assessment. I feel sorry for someone who is so sensitive and thin-skinned. I think he is still whinging at HF. My comment about newbies was only very partially directed at him, but he took it to heart. He actually apologizes for something he said at HF every few pages or so, again, sorry the guy seems unhinged a bit. It is interesting to note who has basic human interaction skills coupled with common sense and who does not. That's all one needs to fit in here IMO.
  18. Moon Audio also has the HE90 jacks, but they are expensive.
  19. Nice Chris, it's great to get out of town.
  20. The guy who did all the soldering on it gets to keep it in his room. He is loving it.
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