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  1. OMG, JenaLabs replied again at HF and the BS is getting deeper. Now they blame Mikhail for pushing and pulling on wires, thereby damaging the voice coil. He told me that he does not even attempt to remove the R10 drivers when they have been glued in a certain way, which he says is not done on all pairs. He has had about 60 through his shop. He learned the hard way about the gluing issue with one of his own pairs. He messed it up bad. Seems like JL just doesn't want to admit they messed up. Weak
  2. The owner of the R10s just replied at Head-fi. Makes things quite clear. I would certainly be interested to hear what JenaLabs has to say. My tendency is to believe the customer since i have run into these types of situations with audio dealers myself. Excuses, confabulation, deceit, etc., etc. I guess it's hard for some just to say, sorry, i messed up.
  3. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f21/jenalab-recabled-r10-319613/
  4. The thing that pushed me over the edge for the NWO is the new WiFi module alex can add now. It is a modded squeezebox board. He describes it more at his forum. So, i'll be able to do all formats. Granted i am sure i will use the network 95% of the time. But it's nice to have the disc drive as a back-up. His stand-alone dac will not have the same dac as the NWO, not as many chips i guess. I think they want the NWO to stand apart.
  5. Yeah, the tracking number is supposed to come today. Brent told me he got out all of his backlogged players except for one before his 2 month European trip. He's gone now. I'm fairly positive mine is in the mail. fingers-crossed icon here.
  6. Spritzer, That looks very nice. My NWO is supposed to be here Friday. Can't wait.
  7. Oh crap, i was afraid you would say that. SP did my balanced pair. It sounds good though. I will ask him if he did that type of wiring to mine. Anything I should ask specifically?
  8. No idea?? I am embarrassingly ignorant. : \
  9. There's a link at JenaLabs (below) talking about their R10 mod and they implicate another modder for poor wiring methods. Does anyone know who this other modder was? http://www.jenalabs.com/headphones/sony-r-10.html
  10. Where did you buy them? Is that what elusivedisc.com is selling? Thanks
  11. I'm so glad he hated the combo, cause his HE90s are mine now.
  12. blubliss


    Been a fan awhile now. My dad's had season seats for 20+ years, from the Fabulous Forum to Staples (been selling his tx this season for him since he lives in Rome now). It's a bit hard to get back on the Kobe bus, but i think i am beginning to forget. Now he has someone to support him with Gasol. But will Gasol be able to muscle up with the beefier centers? I'm thinking about going to the New Orleans game in April to see Gasol live. I was not interested in going to any games this year until he came.
  13. C'mon, i put a question mark. I guess i'll just go sulk in the corner with my hideous budget HE90 amp.
  14. Hmm.....People with small wallets feeling big? Peace
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