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  1. Rode this on 4th of July, didn't die https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qXJjHhtbHw
  2. ....after not riding for 25+ years, I like the assist. Did 5K feet up Mt. Wilson yesterday.
  3. I have the previous generation of the 2i in very good condition just sitting around, will sell at good price?
  4. Maybe get these instead for work 😁 Cometeer - Earth’s First Hyper Fresh Coffee
  5. Ha, thanks! Birgir likes dark stuff, so he'll probably say, OMG these are so bright 😜.
  6. How do they sound to you JoaMat? These seem interesting to me, could sell the original SR-Omega for lots of money and buy these 😁.
  7. In the distant past, we had 4-5 SumR transformers do the same thing, annoying.
  8. Holy Moly, nice!!! I was looking at the Decent, decided on the La Bianca, the sound that decent makes, very odd.
  9. I roast my own coffee but it's nice to sample professional stuff too. I searched the thread and did not see this here; it's an awesome service, pulling from something like 400 roasters all over the country: https://www.drinktrade.com/
  10. Met Aumkar and listened to the RR1 at CanJam today, two very pleasant experiences. The headphones sounded really nice out of both setups, one a KGSSHV (from birgir I think) and the other a little koss amp (the one that goes with their headphones, Massdrop version). I had a very pleasant listen with the smaller setup being run from an iBasso DAP (maybe DX150). I seriously would have bought that whole little setup on the spot for listening on vacation or the office. It had excellent bass and an extremely musical, engaging sound. I'll probably buy a pair of these when they are for sale. Aumkar is a great guy! Thanks for the overview and good luck.
  11. These look quite interesting: https://raalrequisite.com/sr1a-earfield-monitors/ Maybe someone needs to take one for the team, possibly me. These interest me only because it seems to be a different presentation, more speaker-like. Of course I would need a nice speaker amp design to build for these, Kevin ?. Thoughts?
  12. I did not like the Pontus compared to the Yggy.
  13. blubliss


    the royal-pedic one Doug?
  14. My yggy was in for a Gen V upgrade when the analog upgrade got announced so I decided to get it done. I was thinking of selling after the Gen V upgrade since I'm happy with the Holo lvl 3 (and SFD I MKII). Get it back tomorrow so we'll see how it sounds...maybe I'll keep all three DACs.
  15. Cloud stuff is interesting but I haven't really looked into it. Maintaining my own NAS has been pain free. You still need the streamer to get the music to the DAC unless your DAC has something built-in, which may be the future?
  16. The source of my streaming data is an NAS on my LAN. That's what the streamers I am talking about were designed for and those came out before internet streaming services like Tidal. The internet streaming features are being added now, but were not there in the beginning. That's why the observation is misleading.
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