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  1. And this is practically the only area in which the AQVOX has a real advantage (depending on who you ask) compared to the CEC, since it allows bypassing the internal upsamling before the D/A conversion takes place.
  2. Would it be possible that something else in the audio chain might be the source of the fatiguing and that the H15/H10 was merely acting as an open window to that fact? I'm just curious if you tried to remedy the fatiguing issue. I'm not suggesting that you should've kept it since it did mess with your system synergy.
  3. Alright, since I've 10 thumbs, no solder iron and no urge to make my own cables, who do I contact for 2x XLR F/M terminated cables made "the right way"? And while we're at it, is there an "ideal" cable length? The units I want to connect (my AQVOX D/A and my Singlepower amp) will be able to reach each other with as little as 2 feet of cable.
  4. Yup, it was reterminated by GE.
  5. My balanced L3000s should be just fine in the bass department
  6. Future? Digital: Squeezebox'>http://www.slimdevices.com/"]Squeezebox v3 Tactile: SVS'>http://www.svsound.com/products-sub-box-10isd.cfm"]SVS PB10-ISD or Buttkicker'>http://www.thebuttkicker.com/Home%20Theater%20Products.html"]Buttkicker LFE-kit Present Digital: iRiver H140 (Rockbox) ? Behringer SRC2496 ? Behringer DEQ2496 ? AQVOX USB 2 D/A Analog: Singlepower Balanced MPX3 (7N7/6BX7GT) ? Audio Technica ATH-L3000 / Sennheiser HD650 Portable: iRiver H140 (Rockbox) ? Ultimate Ears Attenuator ? Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro Past Headphones: Grado RS-1, AKG K701, Beyerdynamic DT880, Sony MDR-SA5000 Misc: Headroom Micro DAC, RnB Audio Grace Five Two, RnB Audio Black Diamond, RSA Emmeline SR-71, Z-Audio Lambda Head-Fi Buyer/Seller Feedback
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