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  1. And of course having a constantly powered preamp out could double as another balanced headphone connection.
  2. That's the norm, yes. The amp he's building for me will feed the preamp outs all the time. This won't affect the performance at all, Mikhail assured me, since the preamp out will only handle very easy loads. It's more of a novelty than anything, but it would allow me to drive a pair of open headphones combined with a low-crossover sub for the deep rumbling if watching a movie or listening to organs (I like to feel the deep rumbling in my guts). Yeah, you heard me. Some people want the option to add a woofer to their headphone system.
  3. My Singlepower Balalanced MPX3 w. Supra-XLR power supply (plitron transformer) and SLAM configuration eats 60-65W when it's fully warmed up.
  4. -Provide business justification: Remaining sane
  5. So which input option do you prefer, and why?
  6. And yet the conversion stage is mostly an issue with old gear, when the optical converters weren't as mature as they are now (considering that almost all digital sources have optical outputs).
  7. I like sharp dark chocolate, it's my favorite. How would you characterize the L3000 bass in terms of chocolate?
  8. I agree, but that's because my wallet wouldn't be able to handle the abuse anytime soon
  9. Another Happy Birthday from me
  10. Hey! I've waited just as long for my Singlepower amp. At least it should ship out Soon.
  11. I agree, Tom Cruise for the lose
  12. Mail me a pair and I'll be happy to give them a whirl.
  13. lol, this is the closest I could come to a blind-folded smiley -->
  14. Dusty, I just read your avatar line. Very fitting for the topic at hand, since I'm also a meat popsicle.... although I guess the word lollipop would be more fitting according to my GF.
  15. I would recommend people using the "Edit" function a lot to instead use the "Preview" function before posting. That way you'll have your post sitting on top of the editing window and not have to worry about any timers.
  16. Aw... that wouldn't be nice now, would it? [me=darkless]sends PM to KG *[/me]
  17. sovkiller, you really should mod that box of wine.
  18. What the f.... is wrong with this thread? Oh yeah, the F----ing EF-word, mon!
  19. Except maybe an ATH-L3000? Sorry, couldn't resist...
  20. Of course, of course... Stay right where you are... *calls up the men in the white suits*
  21. Ah, so no claims that your headphile hobby is the real money-sucker? You live in denial, seek counseling.
  22. Å - the letter that nails the O.
  23. That would require that the single-ended cable actually had wires inside for balanced operation, which wouldn't make much sense for a single-ended cable in the first place. However, the stock Senn replacement cables do have the needed wiring making a balanced retermination job possible.
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