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  1. AFAIK he's done a lot of work to ensure that it could run properly with 4x 6528 tubes, revising both the power supply and output part of the audio section several times. Regarding the heat issue, maybe tkam could shed some light on how hot his Dragon was with 2x 6528 tubes installed? And yes, it would require two matched pairs, but the upside is that it shouldn't be neccessary to drive the tubes hard because of the amount of power they're able to dish out. Also, some of the more powerful tubes previously mentioned are both easier to come across and cheaper as well, so it's not like you need 6528 tubes to make the amp perform at its best.
  2. I'm curious, when and where did you guys listen to any of the mid-fi+ Rudistor amps? Which model? I ask because I try to base my head-fi education on the experience of others, so I feel that it's important to know the reason why you guys bash his gear. I assume you've actually listened to it in order to form such a strong opinion. As a preemptive note: I'm not in any way defending or pimping Rudi. I have no interest in his gear whatsoever and the only piece of his that I've auditioned was the RPX100.
  3. The Supreme XLR is another of Mikhail's one-off creations that he has been working on since November last year. It started out as a balanced version of tkam's already powerful "The Dragon", but it has since evolved to a very powerful balanced amp that can handle the extreme (pun intended) heater draw from using the 4x 6528 output tubes (about 25 Ampere) as well as the even more powerful tubes I mentioned previously. According to Mikhail, this is as powerful as it gets. With the 6528 output tubes it can output up to about 7W/channel in 8 Ohm. With the more powerful tubes having an even lower impedance of just 5 Ohm, it can output even more... The 6337 can handle a plate current up to about one Ampere per tube, capable of dissipating about 120W per tube. IIRC he compared the sound of Voltron's devil amp to a "fine summer cloud" (very refined) with the Supreme being an "angry thunder cloud" (extremely clear and dynamic).
  4. Mikhail has recently been experimenting with using that tube in my Supreme XLR. It works perfectly, as does the crazy powerful 6336/6337, 7241/7242, 6528 plus all the regular Extreme candidates. Maybe you could bug him about it?
  5. If the final model sounds decent with a 400v bias, I might be tempted to pick one up... eventually... next year... after my wedding.
  6. I thought it was only poorly designed/weak amps that suffered from this problem? On a related note, I listened to a Rudistor RPX100 today with a balanced and unbalanced L3000, balanced and unbalanced HD650 as well as a Qualia and a Koss A250. Never once did I detect any deterioration when plugging in another headphone while another was already in place. The owner of the Rudistor told me that Rudi did mention that the amp would have no trouble at all driving multiple cans at the same time. Off-topic: The Qualia still sounds bright as heck out of an RPX100. Whoever claimed that it sounds its best out of that amp must've been smoking something. More off-topic: The Rudistor power supply could use some better power filtering, since there was a noticeable constant-level hiss when a headphone was plugged in and no music playing. The owner told me that his house had a particularly noisy power grid (confirmed using a voltmeter). Still, IMHO a good amp should be impervious to such issues.
  7. I can't wait to hear how the PS-1 vs L3000 "battle of bass" will turn out.
  8. I agree, what's with all the STAX love in an AT thread? Do they (the STAX lovers) miss the L3000 IMPACT from their airy stats?
  9. Haha, golden comment. Thanks for your opinions guys. I still have a vague hope that my "to-be-delivered-when-hell-freezes-and-pigs-fly" amp from Singlepower will be able to bump the L3000 up to the top tier. Hey, I can always dream, right?
  10. How does a Lambda (or Lambda Pro) compare to an L3000, assuming both are properly amped?
  11. Ah, I see. Anyway, I still found it lacking compared to the senns and AKG, so I probably won't bother with it again.
  12. Once I receive my amp, I'm going to do a shootout between my balanced L3000, a normal L3000 and a less bassy R10 (plus my balanced HD650 and Qualia). Hearing a normal L3000 and the aforementioned R10 out of a Grace 902 at the Danish head-fi meet made me want to boost the treble a bit on the L3000 or boost the bass on the R10. I still need to form an opinion on how they both handle the precious midrange.
  13. To my ears the DT880 was a rather boring headphone with a recessed midrange. That was two years ago when I compared it to the HD650 and K701.
  14. Thanks for that. My previous experiences removing the "normal" foam from the HD650 made the phone "grate" my ears, not unlike what every Grado except the GS1000 does to my ears. And another thing: What are the sonic differences between the HD580, HD600 and HD650?
  15. Sweet impressions so far. As for myself, I've already decided that the E500 is not for me, based on what's been said here and on that other site. The current contestants are the Triple.Fi and the q-Jays, which are also supposed to be very detailed and neutral sounding. I haven't found any direct comparisons between the two, but as more people receive their q-Jays, impressions will surely follow.
  16. Patience is a virtue. I've waited for my Singlepower Supreme XLR since December. It's _this_ close to being done, but I'm worried sick that it won't make it till the Danish head-fi meet on October 13th. :'(
  17. Speaking of the Simaudio Moon Eclipse, someone should grab this mint limited edition for $3700: http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?dgtlplay&1195298762 EDIT: I see that the seller has 0 feedback, just a FYI.
  18. The standard 24-step Goldpoint SA that Singlepower used to use is indeed worthless (2.5 dB granularity at the most ). However, once you combine a multi-position gain switch (+-20 dB in 10 dB steps) with a custom progression (5, 3, 2, 18x 1.5, 2, 3, 5 dB) it'll do the trick.
  19. Congrats grawk. How many Watts can it push to the speakers?
  20. Mikhail later discovered how to halve the number of tubes in the 2nd gain stage, so my balanced amp has 2x gain, 2x 2nd gain, 4x output tubes.
  21. Indeed, I've recently purchased a pair of Triangle Stratos Luna 260 speakers (93 dB/W/m). At $2400 they were a bargain. They're the most detailed dynamic speakers I've ever heard with a very flat bass response but also with a treble spike from 14-20 kHz. I will try to drive them directly from my SP amp when I receive it. At my low listening levels, it will have plenty of power (72 dB(A) at listening position is borderline uncomfortable to me).
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