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  1. badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom!
  2. darkless

    Holy Poo

    I remember my bro showing me that video a few years ago... several times I thought he would luck out and get hit while speeding past the red lights...
  3. [me=darkless]hands out free cookies for everyone while the pretzel people aren't paying attention :angel: [/me]
  4. So... when will we get impressions and close-ups on your new 6PACS?
  5. Love your avatar, mjg... He really looks like he's about to bring the pain to someone.
  6. Hmm, didn't I have his email address somewhere...?
  7. I think the only movie I went to see during the entire year was Sin City... and it rocked!
  8. On the topic "How do you fart?" the answer is "In your general direction".
  9. Oral Sex... However, once you move on to other sexual pleasures, the focus moves to Audio Toys (does GFs qualify for that category? I love the sound they can make if you "tweak" them just right... ) Enjoying a great dinner with some good friends/family is also high on my list.
  10. He must've seen your nick somewhere in the "Last Post" listings...
  11. I've been trying to think of a nice digital home transport that would be able to feed the digital part of my rig. My iRiver has served me well, but its optical out is probably less than ideal. It's also running out of space... I used to have most of my music LAME-APS encoded, but I've recently moved to wavpack (a lossless format similar to FLAC, both of which is supported natively on the rockbox'ed iRiver). Also, I don't want to be forced to have a computer running nearby in order to enjoy my music. Solution? Squeezebox. It can stream the music from my linux server in the closet (where I can't hear it) to my home rig. There are also various ways to remote control it (using the supplied remote, a Nokia 770 tablet w. custom webinterface, PDAs, etc). The question of digital interface remained, however. My source supports AES/EBU via 110 Ohm XLR, S/PDIF via optical or 75 Ohm coax (RCA). The Squeezebox has S/PDIF via optical and coax (RCA), so my choice settled on a 75 Ohm BNC-terminated cable fitted w. RCA adapters. Recommendations on true 75 Ohm characteristic impedance cables w. BNC-terminations that can be fitted with RCA adapters will be much appreciated. Now I just need to find someone else in Europe who might be interested in getting a Squeezebox, so we can take advantage of their "$100 off if you buy 2" rebate... preferably someone who lives in a place with cheaper VAT than Denmark (25% + 3% sales tax)
  12. I second this. A horizontal delimiter would be really nice. I like the main theme the best (the other themes have bigger shortcomings IMHO) so using another theme would not fix anything for me.
  13. You little fool, hungry. You must've pressed the minimize button by accident . Use the maximize button to get it back.
  14. I second that suggestion. Having a sticky FAQ with general guidelines would also be useful. Example: Q: "How much should I spend on A/B/C?" A: "When purchasing new audio gear, decide in advance how much your total budget will be and plan after it. Try to allocate equal portions of it to the source, amplifier and headphone purchases to avoid potential bottlenecks in the audio chain." Q: "How will I know what's right for me?" A: "Try to audition as much gear as possible and most importantly USE YOUR OWN EARS!"
  15. I guess you didn't like them that much, considering you now have a F/S add up with a balanced pair?
  16. In that case, use this one: That reminds me, what are the chances of getting another smiley theme on these boards? Personally, I find the current theme hard to read, as in hard to distinguish certain expressions from one another.
  17. Mikhail should definitely hire more skilled people so his amp business will benefit. The present delivery times on custom builds are, well, pretty long. It would also give him more time to think up new creations.
  18. I wish I could afford one... but my Singlepower purchase drained what little cash I had left on my CC Oh well, at least these amps will find themselves some nice well-stocked homes...
  19. <now where is that delete button when you need it?>
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