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  1. I just did this 10 seconds ago from my desktop rig...
  2. Akabeth

    slow forum

    Xbox live experience... I kinda like the avatar idea, it's cute
  3. Tbh, I wouldn't be surprised if the 'last' PS-1 from the collection is a one of a kind 24k gold plated version with no scratches.... or a sterling silver plated + diamond encrusted version.... Imagine what it'll fetch.
  4. Hmm... /OT on I had three 'few-minutes' audition with the PS-1 in Skokie. For the first couple of times I auditioned it, I thought I had gone deaf. I went upstairs and whipped this thing to Todd's 307a amplifier, it's still the bassiest thing I've heard in recent memory and I couldn't hear jack #$%^ in the treble region. Although... I LOVE the sound of HP1000 (first Grado I actually enjoyed listening to). With that said I didn't know I was auditioning a PS-1 until someone told me, "Yes. This IS the PS-1". Soooooo I want to hear thing in a brighter setup. /OT off Hmm...
  5. This picture you took..."the one in the throne".... that looks like an mkii (I think)
  6. I wish I can afford a backup pair. /dream With that said, it seems that the wooden cups and leather on this pair seems to be in a reaaaally nice condition
  7. There are 2 Grado PS-1 for sale in eBay as I'm typing. Grado PS-1, Electronics, ipod items on eBay.com One is in Germany with US$4200 b/o. The other is for sale by aobadragon, no reserve, currently with 3 bids at US$510 and that one may go over 3 grand. Something tells me there are people who buy these OOP production for investments --> profit and not for listening.
  8. I've had rare channel cut-outs from using my ALO Ed9's (w/18AWG Jena cable) through the Predator. Though for me that's understandable. The stiffness of the cable, plus the *thick* Canare 1/8" plugs pulling it at whichever angle doesn't bode well with the sockets so all I had to do is to realign the amp. I mean the Canare jack is half the damn size of the Predator. That said I've never heard of Ken's cables damaging headphone jacks Btw I lol'd at the Rocco analogy
  9. x + = I wonder why Grado won't just release 'another run' of the PS-1...
  10. Alrighty, this is mildly depressing. I still haven't received word from the L3000 seller as of yet. I can't disclose any details but I'm not the person who caused the 'deal-pending' (i.e. not the first person in line , hence my reply in that IC thread) This is the "$H!T" us newcomers have to deal with when hunting down an OOP headphone. I've spent quite a good deal of effort trying to hunt down an L3000 and I was foolish for not grabbing the pair in A'gon a couple months ago. If the string snaps early, I'll hunt down a pair of original SR-Ω or SR-007mk1 and start saving for a KGSS or a BHSE
  11. First of all, congratulations to the new owner And I'm glad I did not bid for the PS-1... because I've gotten my hands into 'something' else
  12. Is the O2 mk1 really that good? I don't recall ever storing such expectations for a piece of 'thing' in my entire life. Whenever in my life I get to hear/own this thing, I'd better be utterly blown away.
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