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  1. Slide a green ScotchBrite pad along the grain a few times (some people use a grey one).
  2. Thanks. Still trying to figure out which facial muscles to contract for a smile.
  3. Before this past Spring Break I hadn't been on a bicycle since fall of 2014, right before the big car accident. With my lung disease I'd go through a C-tank of oxygen within 15 miles of riding my Kona Nunu mtn bike on fairly flat ground with slight hills. Regardless, even with oxygen there was no hope of doing any riding in my hilly neighborhood at 6600 feet elevation, and especially no chance of making the 800 foot climb from the shopping center at the bottom of Cheyenne Mountain back up to my house (about 2.5 miles ride one way, with a grade ranging from 0 to 12% along the way). So we r
  4. This town is only about 20 miles from one end to the other, so I can cover it round trip in under an hour. I have a clear bra to prevent rock chips. The vinyl wrap idea was to pick a color that hides the dirt better, and to allow me to wipe the car down more easily with even just a moist towel.
  5. My wife and I decided to take a pass on the vinyl wrap and gift the money to our younger daughter when she graduates from college this May. They both prefer the WRX in black anyways.
  6. I know a guy that can hook me up with a professional body vinyl wrap (done right for $2,500 vs $4K) and am seriously considering this. Anyone here do this before and what were your impressions of the longevity and ease of wiping off the dirt/hiding the dirt? I'd be without the car for a few days so they can take the emblems, lights, bumpers, etc off to get the wrap done right. And there are better things to spend the money on of course.
  7. The problem with a new black car is that it goes from shiny to matt camo overnight when it snows or rains... My 2017 WRX LTD had 4.5 miles on the odometer when I bought it last November, and I like it a bit more than the STi that I was supposed to come home with - nicer ride, the STi performance exhaust is loud but not deafening, with much better gas mileage and better WAF. I used some of the savings to upgrade the amp and speakers, get BBS wheels for the summer tires and put snows on the OEM wheels, so I can change them myself at home in the spring. The rest of the savings vs ST
  8. Maybe, but wasn't sure anyone cared - was thinking about deleting my last post and just going away to make everyone else happier.
  9. SOTC that I took over the summer. Prior to this I've sold several Omegas and Rolex to fund the kids college, along with most of my Stax and Stat amps, and I'll likely sell 4-5 more by the time the last kid graduates so that they wont have a bunch of school loans to pay back. Many of these I'm saving to give the kids and my siblings before and after I pass on (hence the redundancy), and a bunch aren't worth selling for the small amount they'd bring in.
  10. Still haven't got the call that it's in, but I like not having credit card debt so I might not keep it - would rather have the ceramic Daytona, but I have so many watches right now I don't need more to be happy. I'm back thanks to Jacob, but my priorities are different - I've been focusing on my family.
  11. That's nuts. But IF I can snag a ceramic Daytona at retail (on the list at both of my local AD) I'm keeping it. The Omega CK-2998 re-issue LE I'm not so sure about. I have a Mitsukoshi panda dial and hands to install on any Speedmaster Pro that I think will look just as good, and I want to feel special wearing a LE Speedy I'll always have my Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award. BTW, my Ti bracelet for my Omega X-33 Solar Impulse will be here Tuesday. I think that I'm going to give my son his Omega X-33 Skywalker "graduation watch" before his capping ceremony that day as well, and we can wea
  12. I managed to get through the whole day today without using my cane.
  13. I was most impressed by the attack and speed of the Ether C, with great imaging, micro-detail, soundstage, and extension at both ends. But while the bass extension was deeper it didn't have the bass kick and impact of the open model. The open model didn't seem as balanced or crisp to me, and the whole thing left me wishing I could have the best of both in one headphone. The Ether C need the bass impact and punch of the open version, without changing anything else about the C. I preferred them over most of the Audeze models, except for the bass. With my owning the LCD-2.2 HE-500, HE560, HE
  14. It's going to look great on the Ti bracelet. Here's a photoshop, and a photo of the real combo on a very skinny wrist.
  15. Picked up a new Omega X-33 Solar Impulse Limited Edition #129/1924 and will give the other X-33 that I've been hiding to my son for high school graduation, saving the Ti Seiko Astron for his birthday or myself. I have a Titanium bracelet on order to go with it.
  16. Be careful, as I've blown a PAR gearset and a Chalak gearset on a boosted blueprinted 2000 Impreza RS with aftermarket turbo kit pushing those kind of numbers. Then again, back in those days you needed the automatic transmission to handle more than 300 whp, as the upgraded gearsets for Subaru 5-speed were not strong enough, even the ones with no synchros for wider and stronger gears (hated double clutching rev matching with n synchros). Stock gearsets were good for about 240 ft/lbs if you used an ACT clutch that would slip, but a ceramic clutch that would grab would just blow up the gears in
  17. Speaking of Chronos - the new additions...
  18. My special Day starts with my prep on Sunday. Yuck.
  19. I've only looked into the Astron GPS watches lately, which were updated in 2015 and lost the chronograph function even though they look like they have three sub-dials. In 2014 they trimmed about 30% of the size down, while the previous generation in 2013 was fairly large. I think the 2014 version is my favorite, but I worry that some countries can make time zone changes and then the watch becomes out of date. i don't think there is anything set up by Seiko to allow updating the watches when that happens. If I recall, Citizen recently added a GPS controlled watch, in addition to their r
  20. Here is the Titanium Seiko Astron Limited Edition that I bought for my son's high school graduation this year - I kept the black one for myself because his tastes are often different than mine. If I was picking all of his watches I'd make some bad choices. So, asking us to pick your watch can also mean you don't get the right one. My son has been hinting that he doesn't want any more mechanical watches right now due to the higher upkeep costs, and I know he's had his eye on this one for a year. It was a mistake to buy him the cheaper black Astron, hoping that he'd come to like it even
  21. Well, if I were going to wear one of the two Seiko, I'd pick the one on the bottom. In the long run, you need to buy what you like the most.
  22. So, is anyone working on trying to restore his posts? There was a lot of valuable information in many of them.
  23. I joined in august 2008 and this is the first time I've seen this happen with Jacob. I really looked forward to my chats with him - we became friends and he liked me too. So, yeah, I'm shocked...
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