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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! (I took a break from here for a few)
  2. All of a sudden I started getting emails to subscribed threads when I've had that turned off for all my subscribed threads. I only wanted to find new posts in my subscribed threads online. It started filling up my mailbox with dozens of posts. Went to turn it off but as global settings go I could only change it to a daily or weekly digest. So I did that and also told it to not send more than one notification until I visit the forum again.
  3. Thanks guys. What surprised me was the early acceptance in November of this year, as we were told it could take as long as Feb 1st next year for all the acceptance letters to go out for the Fall 2016 semester.
  4. First off, I posted this because I'm proud of him. Also, I did say I survived the rivalry with my brother (and we were better off at diff schools). And I said nothing about denying him his dreams.
  5. So, my son wants to go to CSU in Fort Collins like his mother, to study Biomedical Sciences (pre-med). Tonight he got an email offering him one of the 72 slots for freshmen in the program. It's gonna be strange with his sister going to a rival school, CU Boulder (Go Buffs, Go Rams, Go Buffs, Go Rams!). At least there's only one year of overlap before she graduates. I had dreams of them sharing a car and apartment for that year, but CU Boulder would make him live in the dorms his first year anyway, so part of that plan wouldn't have worked. I went to Texas A&M at the same time that my older brother went to Texas University (we Aggies can't call it University of Texas). We would have killed each other if we went to the same school and lived together, and we survived the rivalry, so I suppose our kids will be fine too.
  6. I could not find a way to limit bandwidth other than installing an app on their computer. Here is a fix to adjust the priority of packets for non apple routers limit roommates bandwidth or block sites or set time restrictions limit roommate continued and parental controls for linksys I don't know that you can do that with an an Apple airport extreme, but you can set it to cut off their internet during hours when you know they wont be home. In Airport Utility you select your router and choose "edit", then go to "network" and choose "timed network access" and crate a new rule where you enter the user's MAC adress and select only certain hours for when they are allowed to have access to the internet. It should cut them off when the time is outside of the hours you select as being okay, so if they work from 8-5 each day you can have their internet turn off when they leave and disconnect Netflix. Oh, and you can ask your roommate to change their netflix settings for a lower quality stream that uses less data per hour of video streaming. Or take away all internet and remove the charge from their portion of the voice/data/TV bill. LASTLY, you can flash a new firmware onto a decent router, that actually lets you set the roommate's bandwidth at their IP address to something like 1mbps or whatever you want. It looks complicated to me - how-to-reliably-limit-the-amount-of-bandwidth-your-room-mate-or-bad-office-colleague-uses
  7. How will you dispose of the old one? Don't throw it into the landfill!
  8. Happy belated Birthdays! Sorry I wasn't paying attention.
  9. I'm sticking with my HE-60 and just upgrading the amp later.
  10. We just bought a Tempur-pedic Prima hybrid coil mattress with Ergo+ base and had it delivered last week. We slept on it for the first time Friday night, after I went home from the hospital. I started with this bed already having low back pain, so I had to see the chiropractor twice this week to get the back pain in a better place for evaluating the new bed. It's a bit firmer than our old generic 10" Thera-pedic memory foam mattress, so I don't sink down into a warm soft trench that I can't roll out of (like before). The old mattress didn't support my low back, causing my back to be in a similar hunched over position while laying on my back as if I was hunched over a computer desk. Now I can roll onto my side, but still not have hip or shoulder pain on my side. I'd like a little bit more low-back support for when I elevate my feet, so I stuffed a memory foam pillow back there last night, when I raised the feet or head of the bed. If this doesn't work out then we're considering the Tempur-pedic with the adjustable air bladders. Also, the Ergo+ base moves you head farther away from the headboard and night table when it's raised, while the $500 more expensive vibrating base keeps the head of the mattress up against the headboard when elevated. So, while we don't need vibration, we'd like to not have a huge gap between the mattress and headboard when the head is elevated. If we upgrade the mattress we might do both - we have 4 months to decide for 100% credit towards the more expensive bed. Has anyone had experience with this bed or the one we're considering if this doesn't work out?
  11. I dropped I dropped my Oxycodone dose from 10mg every 6 hours to 5mg every 8 hours and feel a bit better. Brown sugar and maple syrup flavored Malt-o-meal helped too. I missed out on the free sponge bath at the hospital since I went home early, and the wife was like "Nah..." So I washed myself up this AM and had my wife drop me off to get my hair cut and washed while she shopped. Can't wait for a hot shower in 2 weeks when the staples come out.
  12. I skipped this thread for months and wish I hadn't read this. Not your fault but it gave me flashbacks of both of us screaming from within the car after impact, and I didn't know I was crying while reading this for the first few minutes. Still not your fault but I'm never coming back in this one again.
  13. Today has been a tough day, not so much for pain but an upset stomach and nausea from the pain meds, and a empty feeling in my pit that usually goes away with food or antacids. Have had some chills and a headache, but no fever. Going to bed soon...
  14. I may be their first patient to go in for an "exchange nailing" of the femur rod who went home the next day. Sayonara Swedish Medical Center, hello home with my new tempur-pedic bed... The doctor, physical therapist, and occupational therapist saw how well I was doing moving around, and cleared me for discharge. My fracture doesn't hurt anymore, but boy am I sore around the incisions, with tender and stiff muscles all around my upper leg! So, I get to double my dose of Oxycodone for the next several days. Can you say Buzz?
  15. I brought my JH13 with me to the hospital and haven't gotten to use them. Sigh....
  16. Hey gang, So, I woke up in post-op recovery about 4 hours ago. I'm having much better pain control than the last few leg surgeries. I've got a 1mg/hour morphine drip and can push a button to get an extra 1mg every 10 minutes, but only need it like every 30-60 minutes. The doctor says things went really well, and if I hadn't swapped the old skinny rod in my femur for this fatter one that I'd probably have never had my bone heal. The old rod wasn't very tight inside the bone anymore, and I was wobbling around on the rod, basically re-breakng any bone that would have been healing. i was very scared to have a fifth surgery after the accident, but I'm so happy that I did. I'll likely go home Saturday, but I'm hoping that if my pain is under control and my weight bearing with physical therapy goes well today that I could go home tomorrow (30-40% chance if I push hard).
  17. So I'm heading up to Denver to spend the night before surgery, since my checkin time for surgery is 5:30am and I'd rather make the hour and a half drive tonight. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.
  18. Swapped out my car tires and wife's tires on Thursday, my son's tires on Friday, and my daughter's tires on Saturday - good thing all I had to do was load them into the car and my son and the car dealer or tire place did all the real work (hauling up and down to basement and mounting them). Got to visit my daughter in Boulder and buy her groceries and lunch while Discount tire did her tires. Hadn't seen her in month, so it was really nice. We even picked up Grandma and brought her to lunch with us, and then took her to dinner at PF Changs. Then went shopping today and spent almost $5K before the Broncos game.
  19. Still waiting for approval from my health insurance company - they made me wait 9 months to do anything else because their guidelines say it's not a "non-union" until after 9 months. So they better not give us a fight over this.
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