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  1. Dragon CD/PSU has come up a handful of times on the typical sites (agon, ebay, yahoo japan) and that guy's been trying to sell that 1000p for the same price for many months. I don't know how something is "well under the blue book" when it's slightly over The 1000p is almost 2x the bluebook avg. They certainly look nice though and I'd love to get the Dragon DAC if I can find one.
  2. I've got a little leech cable Birgir made me that will allow just that I just need to bring one of my SRD6's.
  3. What sockets are you having it equipped with? I'm somewhat afraid to hear the BHSE again, as that upgrade bug would prove lethal I still have to hear my Sigmas out of the BHSE though; they're said to improve a good amount from the added power. Right now the date for the next meet is up in the air, but it should be between Nov 09 and Feb 2010.
  4. Glad you enjoyed the combo Deadneddz! I tried to put certain headphones with certain amps based on power needed and synergy to my ear. This is why I had the O2 by itself on the 717 and the Sigs on a T1. IMO the T1 with the Lambda Sig is a very musical combo, a nice step up from the SRM1/mkII. Before I got the O2/717, that combo got probably 80% of my headtime. As I have 3 pairs of Lambda Sigs, I probably wouldn't mind selling you one if you decide to get a pair. I very briefly listened to one of my Sigs out of Justin's BHSE at CanJam and it certainly sounded better, although I couldn't really tell you in what areas as I don't remember all of my impressions from CJ anymore.
  5. Thanks for the info...that makes things a good deal simpler
  6. The driver is rotated only along with the cable connector though right? If so, I'm thinking there should be a "correct" position for the driver. Right now I'm getting a very slight seal break under my cheekbones, so I'll probably rotate the pads just a bit to get a nice seal. This is pretty fun just messing around with the multitude of positioning factors on the O2. Right now I'm trying to decide if I'll keep the 717 or one of the T1's.
  7. When in this configuration, where do you have the cable connection on the drivers pointing? 6 O clock?
  8. O2mk1 w/717 and extra earpads Audible Illusions M3A monoprice RCA cable
  9. If you decide to do this, shoot me a PM and I'll give you the phone number of a guy that wanted to sell me his 30.6 DAC/PS
  10. lambda sig sigma sigma pro lambda sr5 dt880 ad500
  11. n3rdling

    CanJam 2009

    The In N Out is a couple minutes north on Sepulveda Blvd. You'll know you're getting close when the air smells like onions.
  12. In rough order: Smyth demo O2/Omega/HE90 BHSE/WES/GES/Cooter/KGSS Various sources HD800/R10 Can't wait
  13. Dreadhead, Craig told me last night that kuboten is aiming to update their website with automatic bidding this summer. Also, he was unable to input bids past about 2-3 AM PST this morning because he had something personal come up from what I understand. I tried getting the O2s too
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