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  1. Thanks 25...I feel so old :'( Birgir just stuff the BH in a big cake, that should get it past customs no problem.
  2. I'm a bit numb to the whole thing at this point. I will say that when he sat out that last game of the season vs the Suns (the most important reg season game I can remember us having...if we woulda won we'd be the #3 seed in a bracket where we had a combined record of 10-1 against the other 3 teams this season and could have had an almost free ticket to the WCF) for whatever oblique injury he had I was absolutely furious. I wouldn't mind keeping him, but I don't think we're dead without him. Milsap is a superior defender and is getting better and better on the offensive end and can pretty much fill in for Boozer's stats. The problem is that by losing Boozer, we start Milsap and no longer have that killer backup PF. I still don't trust Boozer though and can't help imagining him getting some kinda BS injury in the first week of the season if he renews. Oh ya, glad we won tonight. Crymelo is having fits
  3. I think he also started some kinda burn in debate in the Stax thread over there which was a bit annoying. What AD/DA are you currently using in the studio?
  4. I remember him saying the Ed8 sounds like his Grand Utopias.
  5. Make sure your channel balance on the volume knob is set correctly if you're using a Stax amp.
  6. Met blubliss to pick up the R10 for a brief audition and had a little 2 man meet with Deadneddz all day with way too much gear for my bedroom.
  7. Bigtime Jazz fan here. Proud of the way they're playing and glad Fes is getting a chance to play as I think we're better with him in the middle because of his size. Needs to learn how to stay out of foul trouble though.
  8. Pretty sure Senn still has earpads and headpads considering I bought both last week
  9. This was yesterday, sorry for cheating. Built my flexy rack and got the Menace hooked up and running. My headphone system finally has a rack so it doesn't look super ghetto anymore. The extreme bass roll off on the K1000 was really agitating me with half toe out but I liked the rest of the presentation. I tried no toe out and it helped the bass a ton but it ruined the great presentation the K1000 is capable of and sounded like a normal headphone. Full toe out rolled off really quickly. Quarter toe out seems to be very nice though. I'm going to keep fiddling around with the driver angles, but I think I found the angle I want. Bass is still kinda rolled off but not annoyingly so, the sound isn't as thin as with more toe out, and the presentation is much nicer than no toe out gives. The Menace is incredibly heavy. When I lifted it and was about to lay it down on one of the shelves, I really thought the shelf was gonna snap right in half. This is my first amp with external tubes, so the tube glow is still cool to me. Right now I'm really liking the K1000 out of it though.
  10. Why all the back story? Nice work smeggster, looks nice
  11. Can't say I'm surprised you feel that way, congrats
  12. Glad to see everything went well this time CherryBomb
  13. Very interesting! Do you think that sub will be able to keep up with the Quads though?
  14. Is that where <{-=she=-}>'s been hiding?
  15. I can't even remember anymore, that was a while back and I wasn't really paying attention to the fit differences.
  16. But then you'd be putting your headphone cables into a cooling period which would cause bond stress due to the varying temperatures between "burn in" mode and "cool out" mode. The only way to do this correctly is to warm up the cables for a good half hour before putting normal signals through them. You wouldn't sprint a mile once you woke up, so why torture your cables in this fashion? They're made out of atoms just like you and I.
  17. Hrm...are they really that much more comfy? Does anybody know a suitable foam that could be placed inside the O2 earpads that wouldn't wear down as quickly as the stock foam?
  18. noice! I'm sure you'll like it a bunch out of the B22.
  19. You'd probably be able to get more for it on audiogon or ebay. They sell for cheaper on hc/hf, likely because they're viewed as basically a T1.
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