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  1. Congrats and happy listening
  2. Living in LA, I can't get over that picture of your car on the beach. I'm lucky if I can even find parking near the beach.
  3. SR Omega arrived earlier today, loving them
  4. When you get your BHSE I'll let you listen to the Omega so you can see how you like it in your own system. I haven't received it yet, but I fully expect it to beat my HE60.
  5. Get an O2/717 combo from yahoo japan...they come up often enough and you'll save a couple hundred vs buying on HF.
  6. Dream phone #2 of 3: SR Omega, finally
  7. Ok, one more thing that should help: His email is [email protected] I'll take a wild stab in the dark and say he works for or owns a Virgin Records store. There should be a city listed in the bank account info he gave you for the wire transfer. Look up the info for nearby Virgin Record stores and find out which one he works at/owns. Hope this helps.
  8. Hi CherryBomb, I contacted that same seller when the ad went up. I believe I was the first person to contact him. I also noticed that his ebay ID feedback was from selling CDs and I can verify that it is indeed his ebay email. I sent him an email through ebay and he responded saying it was him (Pete). Here are our email exchanges which might give you some kind of clues you need:
  9. Just went on espn.com and saw this in the main image: [ATTACH=CONFIG]2641[/ATTACH] Is that the JH13? I see "DE" as artwork If it's not the JH13, what IEM is it?
  11. Took the 57 rig to the local meet today. Most everyone seemed to be pretty impressed. I thought they sounded pretty nice too. There will be impressions in the coming days here: Orange County Meet Impressions: 1/30/2010 - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio There were a few HC'ers (LFF, deadneddz, shaizada, etc) that got to listen, so hopefully they'll say what they think here or there. Looks like Luis already wants to look for a pair.
  12. Lucky bastard. I'm super jealous, have fun
  13. Nice diffusion materials
  14. There's one on yahoo japan for a very reasonable BIN price.
  15. Went to pick up a Rega RB300 tonearm that just needs to be wired to finish my analog setup. I get lost twice in his neighborhood and finally find the place. He guides me through his house past a room full of vinyl, another small area full of different speakers, and finally into his listening room with a crazy amount of expensive gear. I get excited as my eyes dart all over the place to see what everything is. He then tells me he's a dealer, which is why he has so much gear, and moved his business into his home after having it on Ventura Blvd. for some years. One of the major lines he sells is Dali, and he's got like 4 different pairs of their speakers in the room including the top of the line model which costs something like 50k. I can't even remember all the stuff he had, but he also had the top of the line Manley monoblocks and some 20k+ turntable with a Koetsu Onyx cart (he also sells Koetsu). He has the Dali Helicon 800 mk2 (I think) setup in the middle of the room. We're sitting on his floor just talking audio for a while and I look over his shoulder (I'm still trying to see what other gear is in the room) and notice he has a Michell Gyro SE setup against the wall. Our ensuing convo went something like this: Me: Oh hey, I have that turntable...is that the Gyro SE? Him: Ya that's the Gyro, great table. What made you decide to get it? Me: Some guy I know was recommending me some tables and that was one of his highly recommended tables. -Some other convo takes place about the different amps and speakers in the room-- Me: So what speaker brands do you sell besides Dali? Him: Well I mostly sell Dali, but I also sell <insert speaker maker>...<insert speaker maker>...Donald North Audio Me: Ha! That's the guy who recommended me the Michell! Likely a boring read, but when he mentioned Donald it caught me completely off gaurd. I guess they talk to each other a good amount and even worked together in the past. Pretty cool He also mentioned going to canjam 09 and his face kinda lit up when I told him I use the Quad 57 and Stax O2s. Very brief speaker impressions: Really nice sounding! His room was built for listening and he also has a good amount of treatments. The imaging was pretty spectacular in particular. Coherence through frequency range was also very good, which I wasn't expecting at all. WAY better than the Von Schweikert VR-4 setup I listened to a couple weeks ago.
  16. Rega RB300. I finally have all the pieces I need to listen to vinyl, I just need to wire the arm.
  17. How about slate? Perfectly flat, cheap, and can look pretty nice.
  18. In the last while: nikongod's Jensen SUT Koetsu Rosewood Signature Accuphase DP-75
  19. Great initial review postjack. Best of luck with the repairs. Peter has been quoted to say many things similar to the beer crate comment, and I love it. I own the Quad ESL 57. System is source -> Audible Illusions Modulus 3A -> Bedini 25/25 -> Quad ESL 57. I bought my Quads a little under a year ago after reading much hype about them in the various Stax threads and the endless professional reviews they've had through the years. Won them in an auction on ebay and showed up at the seller's house shortly thereafter with zero experience with electrostatic speakers. I sat in the listening seat, the seller put on some music, and I just started smiling. One of the moments of this audio journey I'll never forget was that initial listening session with the Quads. I've had them since and am constantly pleased with my purchase. In fact, they are probably the only piece of gear I have that I don't even think about changing/upgrading. That thought doesn't really register. I can't even say that about the O2s. The 57 is legendary at my two top preferences in sound reproduction: midrange tonality and transparency. The highs and bass are a little rolled off at the ends, but the midrange is fucking fantastic. I wish I had a better way to describe it, but things just sound right. The transparency of the speaker is a bit frightening at times. When playing music, I usually can't tell that sound is coming from the transducers at all unless I put my ear right up against the grills. These two strengths combine to result in the classic overused audio impression: it sounds like the performer is actually there in the room with you. Vocals in particular are impressive. The 57 is, like the 63, accused of not having bass which I find to be laughable. There is a good amount of bass, and it's extremely clean. One other misconception about the 57 is that "it sounds like a table radio if you're not in the sweet spot". You'll hear the glorious midrange and the bass anywhere in the room, but you won't get the highs unless you're in the sweetspot. This is because the 57 has a very beamy treble. I am leaning very heavily towards bringing the Quad rig to the upcoming SoCal meet at shaizada's place on the 30th. I think people will like them a lot. If I do, I'll try to mention this thread to the headcasers in attendance so we can get some more impressions going.
  20. Drove to Long Beach this morning to pick up the Transfiguration Spirit cartridge. I couldn't stay long, but a couple kinda interesting things: He mentioned currently owning over 100 different cartridges He asked me what turntable, arm, phonostage, amp, pre amp and cables I'd be pairing it with. Never asked me what speakers. When I told him I use monoprice cables, he talked almost the entire time about all kinds of speaker cables, interconnects, and digital cables that I need to buy. He had the VR4's and it was my first time listening to them (only a few minutes though). They sounded pretty good, but imaging seemed a bit hazy. That might have something to do with him BLASTING the music though. I'm starting to think I listen to music really, really low because everytime somebody shows me their speaker rig the music is uncomfortably loud and most of the times I picked up a set of headphones at CanJam (in which the volume wasn't turned down all the way after listening by the previous user) the volume was really loud. Actually, Jude said I listen at lower levels than steveo (I believe that's his name) which some people couldn't believe.
  21. transfiguration spirit cart (not my pic) Now I just need a tonearm and I'm ready to start spinnin'
  22. Anybody here have experience buying a vinyl lot? A guy near me is selling about 6,000 LPs (5k 33's/1k 45's) but I'm not sure what to offer him. Assuming quality is average and I like a decent amount of what he has, is $600 too much to offer?
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