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HC Killing Floor Server now up and running


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I was futzing around on KF-Aperture with some friends.  We got in to GLADoS's core, which took quite time time even with L5 and L6 Supports unwelding the door.  Inside were some decent weapons, but unfortunately the achievement is deactivated until <mumble> so we didn't get it.   We did get to see the spinning gold potato.  Since items spawn in the GLADoS room each we ave we kept going back there.  In chat shorthand that was "get to the potato!"  "FP at the potato!"  etc etc.  It made me think of a very un-funny meme that was popular on reddit and the like a while back.  The only iteration of it I like this one:




I said "Firetruck at the potato!" once (referring to an FP) but of course no one knew what I was talking about.  (Un)fortunately, the FP made his presence known by himself.

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The KF Xmas event is now live.  There's two new maps.  At least one of them is a community made map (KF-Hell) and it's ...not so good.  I think the other one is a community map that I played ages ago and didn't particularly enjoy.  On the brighter side, all the Xmas achievements are now active, and there's some new ones as well.

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