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HC Killing Floor Server now up and running


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Colin wasn't even man enough to show up... so Grahame raped everyone.

Also... JESUS... this game looks so much better on Fitz's rig.


How it looks on mine

Get an i5 laptop hiippy

Also my score was because I was the welding wench that game :)

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And nobody even let me know there was going to be a HoE session sad.png

Aww, I think what happened was we saw you as 'away' and had 6 people (GE was our 6th that left half way through). I'm fairly confident we could have beat it with a high level demo. Rd 10 we got pummeled with 2 FPs and 2 SCs spawning 10 feet behind us along with sirens and other crap. As soon as we killed 1 FP another 2 popped right up from somewhere.

Highlights of yesterday were:

1. playing HoE and being the last person alive with 20 zombies. As I am running away Brent shrieks like a banshee into the mic (LOUD) and I spin around to see a gorefast attempting to slash me. He later revealed it was something with his ankle and accidentally held the talk button down and was not a warning for me

2. later round playing mtn pass on hard I had to go to the bathroom and asked the group to kite the last clot around for a bit until I returned. Just as I return to put my headphones on I hear Colin freaking out like a little girl on Vent about "this clot won't let go, this clot won't let go!!!" attempting to knife it in a panic. The real rofl moment of the day.

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