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The official Head Case broadcast thread


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The showreel is one of the best parts of Mixlr.  My sainted mother goes to bed like 2 hours before my show airs, but she always listens the following morning (you know, right around the time *I* go to bed, but I digress....)

I've been listening to last night's show as I install the new 27" monitor I bought (see other threads) and well...  it's a good thing I DJ such chill music.  I have been cursing and yelling at inanimate objects as I wrangle various computer hardware.

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Probably going to do a show tonight.  I've mostly got the Macintop up and running (though moments ago I discovered that Time Machine is not working and of course is now being a complete PITA about inheriting the old backups.)

I have NO FUCKING IDEA what I'm going to play.  

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Mixlr right now.  "We will continue to stay online over the weekend, with a backup server allowing an 85% success rate of connecting via the desktop app."  From an email they sent out this afternoon.  Either I'm in the unlucky 15% or their estimate was widely generous for a fricken Friday night.  In any case, I've been trying to connect for 20 minutes and been unable to do so.

EDIT: Oh noes now Head Case knows my email address!!111one

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