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krell ksa5 klone

kevin gilmore

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Q2(Q7) Collector -  Q12(Q13)Base


Q3(Q8) Collector - Q12(Q13)Base


IN2 only (IN1 is OK)

Schematic:Q14,23&24 MJE15030 



Schematic:Q25&26 MJE15031



+/-22V line (or +/- 21V?)

4.7uF/63V are not on the schematic


Q27 Collector

0.1uF is not on the schematic

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updated schematic and picture, have a look.


very pathetic BOM in progress

includes some of the power supply


1000uf 35v ls=5 dia=13mm 871-B41041A7108M000 35 0.47 16.45
.1uf 100v ls=5mm 80-R82EC3100DQ70J 14 0.32 4.48
4.7uf 63v wima 505-MKS24.7/63/5 7 4.33 30.31
470pf 500v  ls 5.9mm 5982-15-500V470 4 2.28 9.12
39pf 500v ls 5.9mm 598-CD17ED390JO3 2 1.35 2.7
220pf 500v ls 5.9mm  598-CD15FD221JO3F 2 1.22 2.44
220uf 50v ls 5mm dia 10mm 647-UPW1H221MPD 4 0.58 2.32
4700uf 50v ls10mm 35 dia 598-SLP472M050C5P3 2 3.2 6.4
mjf15030  6 1.63 9.78
mjf15031  4 1.63 6.52
heatsink amp board 513102b02500g 8 1 8
mpsa56  19 0.12 2.28
mpsa06  23 0.32 7.36
lsk389  2  
relay 653-g5v-2-h1-dc24 2 2.76 5.52
op27 digikey 4 6.01 24.04


Its about $137 not including the resistors and some of the

other power supply components. So definitely under $250

with transformer and everything.


Unless you go very nuts on the resistors.

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Zettler 24V Relay



MPS8099 and 8599 (0.15)





It is hard to pairing MJEs…    :-[




hfe = 78 78 80 83 96 97 98 104 104 105 107 109 111 114



Lot: AFB09

hfe = 228 234 238 241 242 252 253 257 260 262  

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what we need to do is find a massive stock of 1000uf/25v blackgate non-polarized caps.


The only place that has them in stock wants $80 each and we need 35 per board.


Soooo...for about 10x the price of the amp I could have it all Blackgated up? :blink: :blink:


Even if I wanted to go nuts with it, there is no way I could pull the trigger on that.

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I just order all the components and the PCB to make one ::)

I will use Nichicon FG series for the 1000uF/35V condensators. Great value for the money... Not so good as the Blackgate or Elna Silmic II, but much cheaper !

I Let you know if the name of Krell is as great as it should be :indra:

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