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  1. i'm in for; 2x GRHV78xxx 2x GRLV78xx (mini or micro) 2x GRLV79xx (mini or micro)
  2. How about LT1021-7 with 510 - 560 ohm?
  3. I am planing to use Toshiba TTC004B instead of KSC2690A. Cob is lower than KSC2690A (12PF - 19PF) and better hfe linearity.... and I prefer Toshiba rather than KSC/KSA .
  4. Small board is for +/-15V. Small one on the right is 5/20/30 sec timer board (PIC). For the electrostatic headphone, please refer the following forum. https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/my-diy-electrostatic-headphones.498292/
  5. Ugliest build.... Aluminum sheets from e-bay.
  6. How about 2SC5171 / 2SA1930? 180V, Lower Cob(16PF), Flat hfe-Ic In Japan, popular than 2SC2690(A).
  7. Dogs are enjoining oscillating high frequencies.
  8. 2SC3324 is NPN. 2SA1312? Upside down... Pars number is correct. sorry..
  9. Inu


    Thank you guys, To save cost for my future DIY projects, I am planning to make a universal power supply. Toshiba 6RA6 is not easy to find in JPN but we can find imported 9RA6 in US.
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