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A little computer component advice needed...

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So I'm finally going to do something about the sagging performance of my windows lappy.  Right now it's got a hybrid drive in one slot and a standard lappy drive in the other, both 500GB.  I don't think I really need that much capacity so I'm thinking all I really need to replace is the primary HD with a SSD with at least ~240GB to allow for application and some document storage with a buffer.  Right now I'm leaning towards the Crucial M500 or Kingston V300, both of which are under $130 for the 240GB version.  If there's a compelling reason to spend a little more I could be swayed.  And while it doesn't quite double the price to get to 480GB I just don't think I need that much rapid access storage but again, I am here asking for advice so...

I'm also going to bump the RAM from 4GB to 8GB.  


I haven't quite convinced myself to tackle upgrading the processor which was actually downgraded by the PO to an i5 from the stock i7 :palm:.  I'm not sure it makes a difference anyway in my application.


In case it makes a difference the platform is an Alienware M17X R2 w/ dual ATI HD 4780s (1GB each) so my feeling is that I should be able to get a few more years out of this thing without a major investment.  I basically use it as a mobile desktop, always AC powered.


Thanks in advance.


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Nate, most people will not see the speed difference between an SSD you listed and something like a Samsung 840 Pro.  Go with the Crucial and bump up the RAM like you said.  If you can swing it, I would go for a 480GB model for the space if that will be your only drive.  I am not sure what you do with your laptop, but your CPU is usually not the bottleneck unless you encode like mad or do similar tasks; the bump in RAM is way more necessary.

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In addition to the advice above, sometimes the laptop will access the standard 500GB second drive even when you don't try to access files there.  That access and spin up time slows down the laptop's responsiveness.  I would lose drive #2 completely and replace #1 with the 480GB SSD.

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bigger ssd's offer faster longer term performance. replace both drives with a
single 512gb samsung ssd. major performance difference. and 8gb or more


anything more than 4gb of ram requires 64 bit operating system

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