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General software advice for Windows

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It's been awhile since I used it, but last time I had a Windows machine I cared about ESET (commonly referred to by it's antivirus NOD32 name) was a great resource light option. And I say that working for a competitor. ;)


I am very interested in ESET and have looked up a lot of information on them (especially since they are a light resource option).  The people who use it seem to love it.  The only thing that keeps me from going that way is that it did poorly at av-test.  I don't know if I should pay too much attention to these non real world tests though. 



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I used Kaspersky many years (like twelve or more) ago and always performed well, however it missed a pretty nasty worm which caused lots of trouble. It was Avast the one finding and cleaning it, so I started using it, first the free version then the paid one. It was my only antivirus until I moved onto OSX. Now I'm using none.


:(  That is too bad.  

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I've used Eset forever with good results. Back in the day when I first chose it, it wasn't bad on resources and the others I tried just murdered the machine. That might matter a lot if you're using a virtual machine. That said, I don't bother with an anti-virus on my virtual machines. I only run them for a few minutes at a time and I'm sitting right in front of them the whole time. And in my case, there's no valuable data stored on them. If one were to be messed up, shift-delete and bye-bye VM.

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