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The Schiit Fulla


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Sources state it's the production / board house that had the issue, wrong part being fed onto board. Sennhesier QA would have probably identified a production run out of spec, and begun root cause analysis. :)



or you could test the device at each sample rate before shipping. but yeah, that would be a lot of work

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Well I got mine today. Doesn't work with the Sony Z Ultra, fine, I haven't been able to get a USB DAC to work with the phone, even though it is supposedly a native feature of 5.0. Maybe its the phone, maybe I'm doing something wrong.


Hooked it up to the computer and all kinds of terrible noises came out of my Shure SE215, now the left driver doesn't work at all. So either my phones were broken before I plugged them into the Fulla, or the Fulla broke them somehow.


Still I dumbly plugged my V-Moda M100 in to the Fulla, the noise is just ridiculous. So my Fulla is definitely broken. Pretty bad experience for a first Schiit purchase.


Please note I'm not saying the Fulla broke my SE215, I can't definitively say that and I don't even know if thats possible. But I know the SE215 worked fine a few weeks ago and has worked fine for years.


Anyway I'll be contacting Schiit about this of course.

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I now have one, for the "minimal rig to toss in the backpack with the laptop" use case.


  • I am very pleased with the sound.  I find it sweet, involving, detailed, with no particular tonal emphasis or gaps across the mids and highs.
  • The low end feels fairly thin to me, and it really doesn't deliver slam.  I don't mind this, but I imagine many of you might.
  • My target phones for this are ER-4S and AGK K55x, and it drives both very satisfactorily, for my musical tastes (more cello or jazz than techno)
  • It's pretty but I hate those sharp edges which are just begging to scratch the finish on a headphone or laptop.  I'm going to try putting a protective bead of silicone sealant along those edges, but FFS I wanted a DAC/amp and not a fine-motor-skills crafts project.
  • I hate the included USB cable which is so stiff it's hard to get the Fulla to lay flat.
  • I hate that it uses a mini-B connector, because these days it's easy to buy nice supple micro-USB cables while mini-USB has been left behind with crappy stiff thick-jacketed cables (at least in the shorter lengths).  Yes, I'll probably try a micro-mini adaptor but it's still a fix for a problem I shouldn't have to start with.
  • I'm coming to the conclusion that I'd rather have had USB volume control than a pot (at least a pot on a flyweight device that I have to fumble for because it doesn't stay where I put it).  So unless I find a software solution I will probably start looking for something else.  Which is too bad because I really like the Fulla's sound.


Purchased new in March 2015 so I imagine it lacks the early manufacturing issues.  No noise on output, even when adjusting pot, runs very slightly warm to the touch but not hot.  Label on the end says SCH-19A 190101883, FWIW.

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