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Alternatives for Stax SR-l 700


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For an inexpensive alternative, you could get an old SRM-T1, then for around $100, replace all the old electrolytic capacitors and put in my CCS mod. For another $100 substitute a TKD pot for the Alps, although you lose the balance function. Won't sound as good as the KG alternatives, but will sound better than any standard Stax amp IMHO.

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Out of Stax brand amps, I've used the 313, 007t, and 717, and preferred the 717 by a good margin. Considering the similarities between that and the KGSS, the suggestion is a very good one, if you can swing it. The L700 does tend to be a touch bright though and you may need a bit of EQ to get the highs to behave. It's not bad however, I don't use more than 4db anywhere.

JimL's suggestion is the most cost effective solution for a good amp by far.

I would say that they're not too amp picky and even very basic amps sound decent... as long as they're good amps.

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